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  • Reached US$1 billion in annual turnover within its first five years of operation.
  • Ranked 3rd on the list of Taiwan’s InfoTech 100 in 2010 and 2005, and was named one of the Top 20 Taiwanese Global Brands in 2005, 2006, and 2007, and Taiwan Superior Brands in 2006.
  • The world’s second largest memory module manufacturer, with the third largest market share in the global flash memory market.

Convenient Transportation Promotes Clustering

photo of Simon Chen Chairman, Adata Technology Co., Ltd
Simon Chen
Chairman, Adata Technology Co., Ltd.

Since ADATA’s inception in 2001, the company’s operational headquarters has been located in Zhonghe district in New Taipei City. ADATA’s top consideration in choosing this location was the area’s transportation network. Ease of transportation is not only vital to the successful operation of a company like ADATA, but a convenient transportation system like the one offered in New Taipei City also allows us to maintain a better grasp on market trends and to care for our employees.

New Taipei City’s convenient transportation system has facilitated industrial clustering, which in turn has yielded many benefits for ADATA. The company’s products are efficiently delivered to its customers, while overseas clients and employees on business trips also enjoy more convenient and shorter travel times. Most importantly, these clustering effects have helped the company retain talented personnel.

The Zhonghe, Yonghe, Tucheng and Xindian areas form the heart of New Taipei City’s electronics industry. In the area surrounding the Far East Century Park, where ADATA is located, there are some 50 electronics companies. Although the area’s electronics industry is not centrally managed, the exchange of products and funds among the area’s companies is highly developed. This has led various assembly plants to set up shop in the area, which has improved cooperation between upstream and downstream companies.

photo of ADATA
ADATA is the world"s second largest memory module, and the third largest ash memory market share in the global market. Every year, international awards such as Taiwan Excellence, Japan"s Good Design Award (G-Mark), U.S. CES Innovation Award, German iF Design Award and reddot Design Award recognize ADATA.

The much anticipated Mass Transit Network(MRT), “ 3 Rings & 3 Lines”, is estimated to be completed in less than ten years. Upon completion, the transport system will shorten traveling time anywhere within the Taipei area to 30 minutes, and urban development will thrive along the MRT line, thus forming a “multi-core” metropolis.

The MRT’s expansion to the suburbs coupled with ADATA’s accessibility to public transportation especially benefits younger workers, who find it easier to purchase houses in the suburbs where real estate prices are lower. The convenient and expansive transportation network will cut down on their commute time. These developments will contribute to a higher quality of life for the younger generation, and also help the New Taipei City government tackle challenges faced by enterprise owners.

New Taipei City has won the approval of many enterprises for its administrative efficiency and attention to public opinion in the planning of the City. As the external requirements for attracting business investment are gradually refined and basic infrastructure, such as the transportation system, is fully developed, New Taipei City will surely become the ideal location for enterprises to develop and thrive.



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