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Private enterprises that take part in large-scale public construction can lower what they pay under the land value tax, house tax,and deed tax During the construction or operational phase of large-scale public infrastructure projects, private enterprises that take part can lower real estate tax payments they make under the land value tax, house tax, and deed tax on parts of the projects that are provided to the county for direct use. Limitations are as follows:
  • Land value tax: no payments for five years.
  • House tax: 50 percent reduction for five years.
  • Deed tax: 30 percent reduction.
Guidance team for Investments All investors with the will to invest in New Taipei City are the guidance targets. Guidance meetings will invite investors and related government departments to communicate directly and resolve investment issues and obstacles for the investors.
Local Industry Innovative Research and Development Promotion Plan In order to encourage small and medium enterprises to put more emphasis on innovation in their technology and products, all small and medium businesses that include ”Innovative Technology Research”, or ”Innovative Services in their business plans are entitled to apply for a subsidy of up to NT$ 1 million. Hopefully, this initiative will raise quality of products, as well as global competitiveness.
Clean Production Initiative This initiative aims to assist businesses in becoming cleaner in their production processes, as well as decrease their carbon emission, so that New Taipei City will be less polluted and more energy efficient. We hope to encourage businesses to use more green energy, to meet international environmental standards, and increase competitiveness on a global scale.
Development of Factory Tourism Initiative Assist traditional factories with cultural or tourism and educational values to transform into ”tourism factories”, providing them with a second chance to revitalize their businesses.
2011 Subsidy/Incentive for Participation in Business Exhibitions Businesses and factories (excluding listed companies) established in New Taipei City between now through November 30, 2011 will be entitled to apply for subsidies to take part in local and international industry exhibitions. Subsidies are for events taking place in 2011, and applications must be submitted forty days prior to the event. The subsidized amount will not exceed 50% of the total planning budget for the specific event. The upper limit for local exhibitions is NT$50,000, and NT$100,000 for exhibitions abroad. Subsidies are available until budget is exhausted.


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