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Laws and Agreements

photo of people Signing the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement

Signing of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) with China in 2010 has greatly reduced external barriers to foreign trade for Taiwan. The manufacturing industry, which accounts for more than 70% of New Taipei City’s industrial output, is one of the main beneficiaries of this free trade agreement. ECFA is expected to create over 10,000 jobs, make Taiwanese products internationally more competitive and help stimulate peripheral industries. In addition, passing of the “Industrial Innovation Act” makes Taiwan a country with one of the lowest enterprise income tax rates in the world.

photo of Taipei Port
The District of Taipei Port will incorporate transportation, businesses, leisure, culture and other functions, enabling New Taipei City to become a world-class international bay city.


Land Development

In addition to enhancing existing industrial districts, technology parks and commercial/industrial clusters, New Taipei City is in the process of developing “Five Shining Stars”, which includes Taipei Port, the Erchong Floodway in Sanchong, North of Xiulang Bridge in Zhonghe, the Tucheng Postponed Area Development Project, and the Xinzhuang Knowledge Industrial Park. A total of 286 hectares of land will be made available for development, and 127 hectares of public infrastructure will be built to improve urban services and balance urban/rural development.

photo of Dingpu District in Tucheng
The Dingpu District in Tucheng is a successful example of New Taipei City""s aggressive land vitalization policy. Through public infrastructure, an old military base has become a district international enterprises vie to enter.

Investment Assistance

photo of Investment Assistance Division

The Investment Assistance Division provides businesses looking to invest in New Taipei City with a single contact window. Our dedicated case officers are there to simplify administrative and application processes. If necessary, task force meetings can be coordinated to help investors and relevant agencies e ciently resolve any obstacles. Investment applications are bound to be processed more expeditiously with this investment assistance portal.


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