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Water Resources Department

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You can download the map of New Taipei City Riverside Cycling Path at the Water Resources Bureau’s official website or ask for a copy at various public bike rental stations or New Taipei City Government Joint Services Center.

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You can notify the park attendant nearby immediately or write an email to the bureau director. Alternatively, you can also call the Water Resources Bureau and the bureau shall take relevant actions immediately.

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Pursuant to Article 13 of the Management and Greening Guidelines for Riverside and High Riverbank Parks in New Taipei City, visitors who engage in activities such as barbequing,lighting fireworks, starting campfires and so forth without permission will not be admitted to the park or would be asked to leave the premises. You may seek assistance from law-enforcement personnel to take appropriate actions in accordance to relevant laws should you fail to dissuade such visitors to refrain from taking part in such activities. The bureau would like to remind all residents to refrain from barbequings at any Riverside Park!

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