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New Taipei City Govermment covers a vast territory with over 120 kilometers of coastal line that produces a variety of fish. The five fishermen’s associations across the five districts of New Taipei City Govermment have produced unique and exquisite fishery souvenirs in deluxe packages that are easy to carry. Existing offerings from these associations include: Fresh Fish Paste and Fish Dumplings (Tanshui Fish Treasure Series) from Tanshui Fishermen’s Association; the season-restricted, handmade sea-urchin rice dumpling (developed by the local Culinary Class) from Rueifang Fishermen’s Association and “Seaweed for Your Health” series of agar-agar products from Gongliao Fishermen’s Association. The series include agar tea, dried agar and chilled agar jelly. To order the abovementioned products, simply call the corresponding fishermen’s association: Tanshui Fishermen’s Association: 02-28058028, Rueifang Fishermen’s Association: 02-24972815 and Gongliao Fishermen’s Association: 02-24901193.

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There are currently five licensed recreational farms in New Taipei City Govermment and each has its unique features. Open the following file for more information:

Information on recreational farms in New Taipei City.pdf

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