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Hakka Affairs Department

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1.Website Please log onto the Hakka Affairs Bureau of New Taipei City Government website: Website: http://www.hakka-affairs.tpc.gov.tw/web/Home Please log onto the New Taipei City Hakka Museum website: Website: http://www.hakka.tpc.gov.tw

2.Please collect the seasonal event information brochures from:
(1)1F Service Counter of County Government Admin Building
(2)Service Counter of Taipei County Hakka Museum
(3)Service Counters at the Various Town, Township or City Libraries.

3.Write to request a seasonal event information brochure. Please write to the Hakka Affairs Bureau of New Taipei City Government; please include a NT$3.5 self addressed envelope, and indicate “Request for Taipei County Hakka Cultural Event Information”, name and address of the recipient.

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The Hakka proficiency test is organized by the Council for Hakka Affairs, Executive Yuan, there are Si-xian, Hai-lu, Da-pu, Zhao-an, and Rao-ping accents in order to meet the different needs of different readers. Those who pass the test will be awarded a certificate; for related information, online learning/testing and downloading of learning material, please log onto the Hakka proficiency test website at http://kaga.hakka.gov.tw

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You can ask for an application form at the Museum, or log onto the official website (http://www.hakka.tpc.gov.tw), click on “Visitor’s Information”-“Guided Tour Service” to download the application form. Fax this application form to 02-2761-8660 3 days prior to your visit; after confirmation by phone, the booking procedure will be complete.

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