Mayor Chu wrote Spring Festival couplets for Chinese New Year

新聞日期: 2017-01-19 發佈單位: New Taipei City Government 發佈類別: News

 Mayor Chu wrote spring festival couplets for Chinese New Year


New Taipei City Government held the “Writing spring couplets to welcome Year of the Rooster” activity on January 18. Mayor Chu wrote Spring Festival couplets with calligraphers and gave away the couplets to the citizens. Mayor Chu also encouraged everyone to write the spring couplets their own.


Mayor Chu said that write spring couplets and paste it on the gateposts is a traditional custom to welcome the Lunar New Year, it is also an art and a tradition culture. The calligraphers had invited to write spring festival couplets. Mayor Chu wished everyone a happy New Year and hoped that there are more virtues and positive thinking in our society, every day is a good day.


In this activity, mayor Chu wrote “spring”, “luck”, “open up new opportunities” and “accumulating virtues leads to good fortune” on the Spring Festival couplets. He hoped that everyone will "accumulate virtues leads to good fortune" and "open up new opportunities "every day in the new year. 


Mayor Chu Liluan wrote spring couplets for Chinese New Year


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