New Taipei City Mayor prayed for citizens on Yimin Festival

新聞日期: 2017-09-07 發佈單位: New Taipei City Government 發佈類別: News

   On behalf of the citizens, New Taipei City Mayor, Chu, Liluan, joined the Hakka Yimin Festival in Renai Park, Yonghe District, to host the worshipping ceremony, and represented citizens to incense stick for Yimin Ye on September 3.
    This activity attracted more than four thousand people to join the Carrying-pole Rice Presentation Parade, which assembled old, middle-aged and young three generations and the multiple ethnic groups at the scene. The Mayor led them to Carrying-pole Rice Presentation personally that made the festival atmosphere happy and harmony.

    The morning activities were first by thousands of people to take Carrying-pole Rice to enter the scene and then held the main festival ceremony. The ceremony also specially arranged the Nan Chiang Industrial and Commerical High School Performing Arts students to perform the Hakka youth volunteer war dance for the Yimin Ye, and then the Xiu-lang elementary school chorus singing praise for the Yimin Ye.
    The Hakka Bureau said there are lots of Hakka civic organizations’ shows and AR virtual reality for blessing the Yimin Ye for the citizens to experience in the afternoon.



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