2017 New Taipei City North Coast International KITE Festival

新聞日期: 2017-10-05 發佈單位: New Taipei City Government 發佈類別: News

       The 2017 New Taipei City North Coast International Kite Festival kicked off with a bang in the Baishawan Beach in Shimen District on September 30 and October 1. This year’s event was graced by the Asian Kite Forum, and more than hundreds of expert kite flyers from Brazil, Argentina and USA, as they learn and emulate. They beautified the skies of the Coast with a remarkable collection of kites. The themes of the festival this year include ‘Ecology, Preservation and Ocean.

The beautiful Taiwan blue magpies were transformed into kites as they spread their wings in the sky above the North Coast. The Kenny Kite Family from Malaysia brought their gigantic 30-metre long great whale kite. Kite flyers from Argentina, who were visiting Taiwan for the first time, brought with them their octopus soft kites. It was an ecological extravaganza by New Taipei City’s magnificent North Coast.

The Kite Craft Exhibition this year showcased the work of local pupils and Jin-zhen Huang, respectively. Huang, an internationally renowned kite maker, creates unique artisan kites with cloths dyed by the Tie Guanyin tea, a Shimen specialty.

The opening day featured the ‘Romantic Firework’ and ‘Moonlight Kite’ performance in the evening. Other activities included ‘North Coast Farmer’s Market’, ‘Kite DIY’ and ‘collecting stamps for memorable gifts.’


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