New Taipei City 51 public childcare centers hold the Christmas activities

新聞日期: 2017-12-01 發佈單位: New Taipei City Government 發佈類別: News

In December, New Taipei City will hold Christmas activities with 51 public childcare centers, such as “parent-child walk in New Taipei City” and “parent-child make a gingerbread house”, to welcome parents with 0~6 years old children go to public parent-child centers during the Christmas.

The first activity is the “parent-child walk in New Taipei City” from 12/4~12/15, welcome parents with 0~6 years old children walk to the public parent-child centers and Facebook check in, will get a prize. The second activity is “parent-child make a gingerbread house”, if you collect stamps from 4 public parent-child centers during 12/4~12/15, you able to join the “parent-child make a gingerbread house” on 12/18~12/21. New Taipei City hope through the public parent-child centers’ Christmas activities, let parents and their children feel the happy Christmas atmosphere.


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