Date Title Click Origin
2017-10-18 The Halloween costume party in Fuzhong on 10/28 20 News
2017-10-05 2017 New Taipei City North Coast International KITE Festival 108 News
2017-09-21 The pride of Taiwan! New Taipei City won the IFEA WORLD FESTIVAL & EVENT CITY AWARD! 190 News
2017-09-07 New Taipei City Mayor prayed for citizens on Yimin Festival 326 News
2017-08-24 New Taipei City held Model United Nations 401 News
2017-08-07 The tip of New Taipei City Government saving energy is "Smart Energy Management." 512 News
2017-07-18 Light up the Xizhi evening market to energy saving and carbon reduction 668 News
2017-07-03 How to Interact Safely With Stray Dogs 721 News
2017-06-12 New Taipei Good Tea, the tea culture passes down forever 849 News
2017-05-15 2017 11th New Taipei City International Drum Arts Festival 1034 News
2017-04-30 New Taipei city Library collaborated with B&Q, teach citizens to design study space 1100 News
2017-04-11 When the Danhai Light Rail met Jimmy 1285 News
2017-03-28 TOUR DE TAIWAN 2017 2rd stage in New Taipei City 1306 News
2017-03-09 New Taipei City Government celebrated the International Women's Day 1832 News
2017-02-20 Mayor Chu went to the Hakka activity on the Sky Mending Day to experience the Hakka culture 2109 News
2017-02-09 2017 Pinyxi Sky Lantern Festival 2440 News
2017-01-25 New Taipei City Government will provide services during the Chinese New year 2912 News
2017-01-19 Mayor Chu wrote Spring Festival couplets for Chinese New Year 3045 News
2017-01-12 Mayor Chu visit Miami to meet Tomás Regalado mayor 3194 News
2017-01-05 Mayor Chu Liluan met the sister city, Los Angeles County 3388 News
2017-01-03 Dancing water show in Bitan 3510 News
2016-12-01 New Taipei City 11th Sports Center opened in Yonghe 4347 News
2016-11-21 Exhibition of Taiwan history image 4429 News
2016-11-10 Christmasland in New Taipei City in 2016 5708 News

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