New Taipei Good Tea, the tea culture passes down forever

新聞日期: 2017-06-12 發佈單位: New Taipei City Government 發佈類別: News

         Welcome to New Taipei City to make and drink good tea! The "New Taipei City Good Tea sales exhibition" held at the Pinglin Tea Museum. Mayor Chu promoted the Tea Gift Set with six national tea masters, and personally awarded the spring tea special prize plaque.

New Taipei City’s tea industry has a hundred years of history, Pinglin, Xindian, Sanxia, Shenkeng, Shiding, Pingxi , Linkou and other area, in recent years, attract many young farmers to return home into the tea industry.

Mayor Chu pointed out that, for example Pinglin, the local tea technology has been passed for fourth or fifth generation, there’re many 20, 30-year-old young tea producer followed their father to learn tea technology in their childhood, so today they able to win the national competition champion, thanks to the national tea masters pass down the best technology from generation to generation, so that the younger generation continue work for the tea industry.

June 11, 17, 18 next to the Pinglin Tea Museum and June 24,25 in Taipei Expo Park market have "New Taipei City tea exhibition", welcome to buy the New Taipei Good Tea.


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