How to Interact Safely With Stray Dogs

新聞日期: 2017-07-03 發佈單位: New Taipei City Government 發佈類別: News

           In order to let people know the behavior of animals, Taiwan Animal Equality Association (TAEA) and New Taipei City Government High Riverbank Construction Management Office held the activities in Riverside Parks to promote "people and stray dogs", to increase peoples’ understanding the body language of dogs, to avoid conflict and protect each other's security, to create a harmonious life and friendly environment.


Are you afraid of dogs? In this activity, you’ll learn how to interact with dogs. Love begins with understanding, touching, and getting along with dogs. Most people think that stray dogs are aggressive, and affect the environment, but if you understand of the dog's behavior, the conditions will be avoid, let people and dogs live in peace.


Activities Information:

7/1   14:30-18:30 Under the Fuzhou Bridge in Banqiao District

7/15  14:30-18:30 In the Bali Left Bank Park

7/29  14:30-18:30 Under the Chenglu Bridge in Luzhou District

9/2   14:30-18:30 In the Sunshine Sport Park

9/16  14:30-18:30 The square behind the Tanshui MRT Station

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