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Date : 2024-05-17        Source : New Taipei City Government
365 Days to Go! World Masters Games 2025 Coming to Taipei & New Taipei City
With exactly 365 days remaining, “Fresh-faced” Wen Tzu-yun, who clinched the bronze medal in the inaugural Olympic karate event, along with her mentor and coach Chao Chih-tsai, appeared at the press conference for the countdown to the World Masters Games 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City on May 17th. In a role reversal, the former athlete transformed into a coach, encouraging 60-year-old Chao Chih-tsai to don his gear once again and showcase his skills at the World Masters Games. They were joined by Taipei City Deputy Mayor Lin Yi-hua, Executive Director of the World Masters Games 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City Organizing Committee, Vice Secretary-General Kung Ya-wen of the New Taipei City Government, and the mascot “Strong,” to officially announce the countdown to the event and invite everyone to take advantage of a 30% discount by signing up before June 17th.
Lin Yi-hua, the Executive Director of the World Masters Games 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City Organizing Committee, noted that this would be the first time the World Master Games is held in Taiwan as well as the first in Asia. To welcome participating athletes and their companions from around the world, the Taipei and New Taipei City governments will center activities around the competition venues. They will also connect surrounding commercial districts and famous landmarks based on the unique cultural highlights of each city, offering a warm welcome to friends coming to Northern Taiwan for both competition and sightseeing experiences.
Lin Yi-hua also emphasized that the 30% discount for registration is only available until June 17th, and foreign participants will enjoy the same registration fee as locals, priced at NT$3,600. Each registration allows athletes to compete in three sports categories and seven events. With today marking the official countdown of 365 days until the World Masters Games, the countdown clock is currently placed at both Taipei and New Taipei City. In the future, it will be expanded to Keelung City, Yilan County, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu City, and Hsinchu County, hoping to elicit excitement for the World Masters Games across Northern Taiwan and promote a culture of sports.
Kung Ya-wen, Deputy Executive Director of the World Masters Games 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City Organizing Committee, stated that in just one year, Taiwan will host the biggest-scale multi-sports event in the nation’s history. To welcome over 40,000 athletes, various central government departments and local governments are collaborating to ensure that international visitors experience Taiwan’s rich landscapes, profound cultural heritage, and friendly hospitality. Last week, the mascot of the games, “Strong,” made its official debut, sparking enthusiastic responses. Additionally, a countdown clock featuring the silhouette of the mascot “Strong “ was officially launched today, inviting everyone to become part of the event and jointly embody the spirit of “ SPORTS beyond AGE|LIFE without LIMITS.”
The appearance of the countdown clock in Taipei City is designed as an “energy battery,” echoing the symbolism of Strong’s sports headband, exuding a vibrant sports theme with the background extending the color scheme of the Taipei City emblem, complemented by the famous landmark Taipei 101. In contrast, New Taipei City’s design draws inspiration from the Queen’s Head in Wanli District, a landmark associated with the Wan Jin Shi Marathon, Taiwan’s first event to receive the prestigious Gold Label certification from the World Athletics Association. This marathon is revered as a must-experience event, reflecting the ethos of the World Masters Games 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City.
Wen Tzu-yun, who clinched gold at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games, and earned bronze at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, is encouraging her coach and mentor, Chao Chih-tsai, who is close to 60 years old, to persist in his sporting aspirations. Not only is Wen Tzu-yun actively motivating Chao Chih-tsai to return to competition, but she is also assuming the role of coach. With their roles reversed, they aim to inspire more middle-aged and senior sports enthusiasts to participate.
The World Masters Games is a world-renowned international large-scale multi-sport event held every four years, managed by the International Masters Games Association (IMGA), a non-profit organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee. There is no upper age limit, and individuals aged 30 and above can register. Participants can compete individually or form teams with athletes from different countries through the IMGA team community ( Additionally, starting today, athletes and travelers can book accommodation during the World Masters Games period through the official sponsors “Lion Tours” ( and “Agoda” ( on the online platform “World Masters Games Accommodation Booking Zone,” where they can enjoy up to 20% off. Sports enthusiasts from Taiwan and around the world are encouraged to register promptly, challenge themselves, and achieve their goals! For more details, please visit the official website of the “World Masters Games 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City” (