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Date : 2019-03-12        Source : New Taipei City Government
New Taipei City Ranked No. 1 Among the Six Special Municipalities!
New Taipei City Ranked No. 1 Among the Six Special Municipalities! The New Taipei City Government to Release Voluntary Local Review in July and Bridge Itself to the International Community

(New Taipei City News) The New Taipei City Government announced today (12th) that it will release the Voluntary Local Review (VLR) results in July. Concurrently, it launches an online English platform themed on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, displaying its determination to achieve high-quality governance and to comply with the development standards of major international cities. Hou Yu-ih, mayor of New Taipei City, stated that this was the first-ever introduction of the VLR and the aforementioned English website in Taiwan, and that future governance of the city will endeavor to comply with 17 SDGs goals. Today, the “MyNTPC” Facebook page officially released an entertaining and educational animation, in which Mayor Hou (in chibi-version) introduces the various SDGs. Everyone is welcome to click, watch, and share the animation and enter a draw to win prizes.

In the animation, Mayor Hou presents SDGs and VLR in a lively manner and unveils the SDG logo of New Taipei City for the first time. The logo, which embodies the image of a bridge, includes the colors of the 17 SDGs and conveys the message of “bridge to the better world: New Taipei for SDGs.”

Mayor Hou remarked that the 17 SDGs are the common language shared by policy makers around the world and cover the subjects of economic growth, social progress, and environmental protection. New York was the first city in the world to report to the United Nations its self-review results, whereas New Taipei City will be the first in Taiwan. The self-review report will serve as the guiding principle for New Taipei City to formulate its policies, facilitate inter-bureau collaboration, and connect with the international community.

Yao, Ching-Yu, director general secretariat of New Taipei City, noted that the SDG Internet platform has inaugurated New Taipei City’s 13 high-quality policies including the Recycling Rewards Service System (overseen by the Department of Environmental Protection), Innosquare (overseen by the Economic Development Department), Joint Dining for the Seniors and Surplus Food Network (overseen by the Social Welfare Bureau), the Guardian Station with free meals and Empowering the Second Generation of New Immigrants (overseen by the Education Department), Participatory Budgeting for Disabled Persons Employment Promotion (overseen by the Labor Affairs Department), Provision of Organic Food for School Lunches (overseen by the Agriculture Department), the LED Smart Street Light Initiative (overseen by the Public Works Department), the New Taipei City Government Fit for Age (overseen by the Department of Health), the Inter-generational Living Project (overseen by the Urban and Rural Development Bureau), the Smart Libraries (overseen by the Cultural Affairs Department), and the Sewage and Sewer Engineering Project (overseen by the Water Resources Bureau). These endeavors demonstrate the major business operations of each bureau and present them in a language and structure that are shared among international cities, strengthening future urban diplomacy and international marketing. Everyone is welcome to participate in the “MyNTPC” Facebook page SDG animation activity. Participants will have a chance to win Far Eastern Department Stores gift certificates of NT$5,000.

About the online activity:
The “MyNTPC” Facebook page SDG animation activity will end at 23:59 on 3/17. Gift certificates in the amount of NT$5,000 and NT$1,000 will be rewarded to 11 fans. For more information, please visit the “MyNTPC” fanpage.

English website of the SDGs of New Taipei City

About the SDGs
In 2015, the United Nations promulgated a sustainable development policy that included 17 SDGs covering the three major dimensions of economic growth, social progress, and environmental protection. Said policy, applicable to both developing and developed countries, can serve as a guideline for countries and cities to develop their future policies as well as to plan their future cross-border collaboration.

About the VLR
Voluntary Local Review
VLR reviews a city’s progress in key SDGs, reflects on its successful experience, and identifies areas where cities can learn from other countries to overcome challenges.

For more information, please contact:
Lu Chia-kai (contact person for press release-related matters at Secretariat, New Taipei City Government): +886-912-904-877 / (02)2960-3456 #2174