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Date : 2023-02-13        Source : New Taipei City Government
2023 New Taipei Lantern Festival Lights up Wishes and Luckiness with Rabbit-Featured Lantern
[New Taipei City News] The "2023 New Taipei Lantern Festival" was held on January 26th at Xiong Hou Sen Theme Park (熊猴森樂園) in New Taipei Metropolitan Park. Mayor Yu-Ih Hou, guests from Japan and performing artist Ya-Lan Chen jointly activated the main lantern entitled "Good Luck to You," which is 8 meters high and the outer space rabbit on a UFO with blinked eyes. The main lantern greets visitors with a 360-degree rotation with music and lights, wishing everyone the best of luck in the Year of the Rabbit.
Yu-Ih Hou (侯友宜), Mayor of New Taipei City, introduced and shared that this year's Lantern Festival, entitled “Good Luck to You” will transform the venue into an amusement park. There are 8 major themed lighting areas with 5 major performances. Honorable guests from 9 prefectures and cities in Japan were invited to participate in the exhibition. Ya-Lan Chen, the Best Actor of the Golden Bell Awards and international performance teams will perform in turn. The venue was specially designed with a variety of bunnies-featured decoration. These special decorations have different styles during the day and night, so no matter how you take pictures, they will look adorable. Mayor Hou welcomes everyone to visit the New Taipei Lantern Festival and enjoy with friends and families.
Ching-Chung Ke (柯慶忠), Commissioner of the Civil Affairs Department, introduced that the main light show in the park will be performed hourly from 18:00 to 22:00. The "Welcome Lighting Area" integrates the light environment of the scene to present different styles; the "Recreation Garden" is designed as 4 pop-up books based on famous scenic spots in New Taipei; the "Lucky House" has a strong sense of the Lunar New Year, wishing everyone success in throwing pairs of divination blocks, to ensure you earning money and enjoying good fortune in the new year; the interactive light area “Naughty Paradise” will display music and projections when people walk by, which welcomes adults and children alike.
In particular, the International Lighting Area invited works from Tokyo, inspired by the traditional torii gateway arches of shrines, blue and white lanterns with the Tokyo brand logo and a curtain printed with famous nostalgic and trendy attractions in Tokyo hung between the pillars, showing Tokyo's diverse urban charm. Another internationally renowned architect, Kengo Kuma, specially integrated Hokkaido's highest peak "Mt. Asahi" into his works. There are also attractions from Nagano City in Osaka, Aomori Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Kotohira Town in Kagawa Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, and Daisen City in Akita Prefecture, as well as Nebuta lanterns from the JR East Hotel. Participants can strongly feel the robust oriental design style.
The event lights up the festival with not only special lanterns, but also great performances with diversity. From 1/26 to 2/12 during the New Taipei Lantern Festival, there is a selfie photo balloon event with a daily limit of 150 photo stickers. There are also performances on the stage and the Stars Light Gallery, groups presenting great performances including Papa Lu's Storytelling, Sun-Son theatre, Chiao-Hu wonderland, Pingu, MOMO family, Dance Works tap dance company, Circus Gate, Very Miss Rabbit, Absence Dance Crew, numbers of street performers, and Bloco Força with parades. Don’t miss the great event in New Taipei Lantern Festival. To find out more, welcome to visit in person.