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Date : 2022-11-30        Source : New Taipei City Government
Smart City for Inspirational Future: 12 Startups From New Taipei City Shine in 2022 “ Meet Taipei ” - Asia’s Largest Startup Festival
[New Taipei City News] The New Taipei City Youth Department has spared no effort in supporting youth entrepreneurs. To showcase the annual innovation achievements, 12 groups of youth innovation teams were specially selected. From Nov.16th to 19th, these groups participated in the exhibition 2022 "Meet Taipei Startup Festival" at EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park, to fully display the diversity and innovation achievements of New Taipei City startups, and shine brilliantly in the international innovation field.
2022 "Meet Taipei Startup Festival" is the largest annual innovation and entrepreneurship expo in Asia. The New Taipei City Youth Department selected 12 groups of startup teams with the theme of "Smart City for Inspirational Future", covering smart applications, environmental sustainability issues and cultural creativity. Through the 4-day exhibition, the exposure and popularity of products and services had been greatly promoted. The most complete entrepreneurial resources and cooperations will be linked to seeking potential clients, business partners and investors. The department expects to further assist these entrepreneurs to go abroad and stand on the international stage.
Naomi Chien, Commissioner of the Youth Department, said that to encourage youth entrepreneurship, there are currently 6 entrepreneurial bases in operation, and a total of 10 entrepreneurial bases will be expanded within two years to continue to create a friendly entrepreneurial environment. Among them, "InnoSquare” is the first accelerator created by the local government in Taiwan. It promotes the development of startups and social enterprises with the "Co-working Space, Entrepreneurship Courses, Professional Mentor and Channel Expansion". At least 60 groups of startups and social enterprise teams are cultivated every year. Recently, they have actively cooperated with foreign countries and signed MOUs with 6 overseas startup accelerators, including 4 in Vietnam, 1 in Singapore and 1 in Japan. The 12 participating groups in this exhibition are a successful example that was invested in resources by the New Taipei City Youth Department and was fully cultivated by “InnoSquare”.
Director Chien emphasized that the Youth Department was established this year (2022) targeting to combining the resources of other bureaus and divisions in New Taipei City, to meet the needs of young people in all aspects, hoping to become the best partner for young people in the process of studying, employment and starting a business. In the future, the department will also provide more entrepreneurial resources, strive to create a caring youth settlement and establish an urban culture exclusive to the young generation.