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Date : 2023-11-01        Source : New Taipei City Government
New Taipei City Government is Honored to Receive the Asia-Pacific “2023 IDC Future Enterprise Awards”, Being the Only Winning Project Recognized internationally in Both the Categories
New Taipei City visited to Singapore today to participate in the "2023 IDC Future Enterprise Awards" Asia-Pacific Awards Ceremony. The New Taipei City Government competed with more than a thousand of projects from 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Australia, etc., competing together for 18 categories of awards, with the result of winning the most awards out of all the Asia-Pacific region. The city government outstood the competition with its "5G Smart Pole Project" and "Comprehensive Cybersecurity Defense System", which won the Asia-Pacific "Special Award for Smart Cities – Best in Connected City" and "Best in Future of Trust" respectively. The grand prize, the Asia-Pacific "Best in Future of Trust", was won by Taiwan's public sector for the first time in seven years. It clearly shows New Taipei City's dazzling achievements in smart city development and information security technology application are being recognized around the globe!
The Director, Fu-Tien Chen, of the Information Management Center stated that this time, New Taipei City was able to stand out from enterprises and government agencies from various countries and win the only double award, which fully demonstrates the international professional recognition of New Taipei City's innovative strength. New Taipei City as the most populous municipality in Taiwan, the city government is actively building a New Taipei smart city through the Internet of Things and smart infrastructure "5G Smart Pole" to support various tele-communications and potential needs for building the smart city. The module carriers and integrated applications offer more convenient governance and civil services to sustain a better living environment and quality for its citizens. The "Comprehensive Cybersecurity Defense System" is a pioneering project in Taiwan to active monitoring and active protection mechanism to manage the entire government's information cybersecurity operations. The joint information security development strategy is all-rounded and comprehensive. All New Taipei City agencies are being guided to a consistent level in terms of information security and technology management. This strategy enhances the city's information security protection capabilities and strengthens the resilience and security of basic communication networks. Winning the "Best in Future of Trust" award marks the first time as a government agency sets the best example for exposing the public sector potential to continue the smart city development.
The world's leading technology consulting and research organization "International Data Corporation (IDC)" rigorously selects and commends outstanding companies or organizations with innovative performance in the field of digital technology every year. As the analyst from IDC comments on New Taipei City, “this award recognizes New Taipei City as a leader in smart city development, harnessing digital technology to enhance services, cybersecurity, and aligning with their 2030 vision for sustainability and improved governance. Their pioneering efforts serve as leading model for other government agencies, earning global recognition in smart infrastructure and governance. New Taipei City Government had a clear vision of what needed to be accomplished. Through the establishment of a comprehensive and layered defense system, it demonstrates its dedication to safeguarding the data of its residents, thwarting cyber threats, and fortifying a resilient and secure smart city. All of these efforts are geared towards earning the trust of both its citizens and partners”, affirming New Taipei City’s outstanding achievements in smart infrastructure, smart government, smart security and other aspects.
Smart city is one of the main pillars of New Taipei City's policy. In the future, New Taipei City will continue to achieve the goal of living and working in peace and contentment, adhering to the spirit of "putting citizens as our first and foremost", we will continue to enhance the quality of citizens’ life and promote industrial development. We will also continue to be part of the global trend of smart and sustainable development and create a world-class livable city.