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Date : 2020-04-16        Source : New Taipei City Government
2020 New Taipei Water Festival Online
The 2020 Water Festival is going online for the first time with the introduction of three games, “Street Water Gun Fights” ,”AR Blessing Foam Baths” , and “The Making of Exclusive Blessing Cards” .We invite all to sprinkle water online and dispel the pandemic, offering blessings without borders! For those who participate in the games and give their blessing, we have a most popular and auspicious gift waiting for you. Are you ready? From New Taipei City to the world, we send our blessings.

The Water (Songkran) Festival is the most important New Year’s tradition in Southeast Asia. It brings hope by washing away bad luck and giving blessings for the coming year. From April 13th to April 16th of each year, people in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, as well as the Dai people from Yunnan, China, would take a bath early in the morning and dress up to pay respect to Buddha in the temples. Then they would sprinkle clean water on each other. Whoever gets sprayed the most water gets the most happiness.

New Taipei City has the largest population of new immigrants in Taiwan, and the Nanshijiao area of Zhonghe District is where most overseas Burmese live. Huaxin St. has gradually formed into a Southeast Asian food and shopping district. Hosted since 1998, this is the 22nd year of the Water Festival in New Taipei City. To make sure you don’t miss out on the most important traditional celebration in Southeast Asia due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are taking the festival online, offering social activities to sprinkle water online through online games, AR interactions, and blessing cards between April 13th and April 26th.

In order to promote understanding of multi-ethnic cuisines and to develop the cultural tourism industry, you’ll receive vouchers upon completion of the game and challenge, good towards ethnic dishes at restaurants in the Huaxin St. district, valid from April 13th. Also in response to the pandemic and the world, we hope to spread our blessings to friends all over the world with Water Festival blessing cards.

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