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Date : 2023-05-09        Source : New Taipei City Government
New Taipei City Launches Export Promotion Plan to Help Local Businesses Expand into ASEAN Markets. Registration for the 2023 Export Promotion Camp is Now Open.
The registration for the 112th Export Promotion Camp has commenced! The New Taipei City Government is leading a team to participate in the "Malaysia Smart Nation Exhibition 2023" in September, where a New Taipei City Pavilion will be set up to showcase the strengths of top-notch enterprises and products. Physical trade talks will also be held in Singapore and Indonesia to enter the huge smart city-related industry field of ASEAN. This year's plan recruits 20 outstanding companies from New Taipei City, and the registration is open until May 31st. Limited spots are available, and please contact us for further information.
New Taipei City Bureau of Economic Development Commissioner Amy Ho (何怡明), stated that the pandemic has made it challenging for business personnel to engage in international trade. Therefore, the New Taipei City Government has established "The New Taipei City Business Team" in the form of "remote exhibitions", setting up New Taipei City Pavilion in overseas exhibitions to achieve multiple effects such as promoting business exports and the investment environment in New Taipei City. With the pandemic gradually being contained, the 2023 Export Promotion Plan will combine elements of "international exhibitions" and "trade negotiations", working towards the development of smart cities while promoting the digital transformation and green sustainability trends in industries to help New Taipei City businesses expand overseas opportunities.
The first stop of the New Taipei City Export Promotion Delegation will be at the "Malaysia Smart Nation Exhibition" where a "New Taipei City Pavilion" will be set up. The exhibition will take place from September 19th to 21st, showcasing outstanding New Taipei City enterprises and products alongside international counterparts to attract international buyers and increase international visibility. After the exhibition, the delegation will visit Singapore and Indonesia to conduct trade negotiations with local commercial organizations, potential business partners, government departments, and sales channel operators. One application, double benefits.
New Taipei City Bureau of Economic Development plans to recruit 20 companies in New Taipei City this year, with a focus on areas such as 5G/AIoT, smart technology applications, ESG green energy and so on. The registration deadline is May 31st. Companies are welcome to participate in the selection process.