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Date : 2022-09-12        Source : New Taipei City Government
Press release 2022 Asia Esports Championship in New Taipei
[New Taipei City News] New Taipei City's annual hot event, 2022 Asia Esports Championship, gathered more than 5,000 amateur players. After two months of fierce competition, the "League of Legends" finals was held today (11) at Honhui Plaza in Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City. Mayor of New Taipei, Hou Yu-ih, also showed up to cheer for the players, and hope that the e-sports industry will take root in New Taipei and becoming more international.

Hou Yu-ih said that the Asia “Esports Championship” has been held in New Taipei City for three consecutive years. More than 5,000 outstanding players have participated in the competition, and online viewing has been exceeded 5.5 million. Young generations are welcomed to continue to participate in E-sports, and the city government will fully support the esports industry.

According to the Economic Development Department, NTPC has cooperated the event with Carry Live Co., Ltd. since 2019. This year, the event was first time combined with E-sports Industry Expositions, Cosplay with free VR facilities experiences, and mission completing to win the prize every day, etc. Through the annual large-scale international events, we can attract people to watch the game, not only making e-sports a national sport, but also let the world understand the strength of Taiwan's e-sports and NTPC’s effort and our determination to promote e-sports.

NTPC actively promotes the e-sports industry and continues to build international-level venues, such as the "New Taipei E-sports Base" in Sanchong Dist., which has functional practice areas with standard-level equipment, and offers e-sports courses to cultivate new blood in the industry. A total of 2,500 professional players have been trained so far. In the future, NTPC will continue to integrate corporate resources, connect industries, talents and activities to each other, to make significant progress in the New Taipei e-sports industry chain, and create a beautiful vision for the New Taipei e-sports industry.