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Date : 2022-08-15        Source : New Taipei City Government
New Taipei City Won the Outstanding City Award in 2022 Asia-Pacific and Taiwan Sustainable Action Award
The Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy held the "2022 Asia-Pacific and Taiwan Sustainable Action Award" on 12th August. New Taipei City won the Outstanding City Award for Livable City. New Taipei Mayor Hou You-yi accepted the award on behalf of New Taipei City. Hou You-yi said that in the face of the approaching global climate change crisis, New Taipei City proposed a 2050 Net-Zero Carbon Roadmap, which is a multi-pronged strategy by the departments of transportation, industry, housing and commerce to achieve the goal in phases, demonstrating the city’s long-term determination to cope with climate change.

In addition to the Outstanding City Award, the New Taipei City’s Sustainable Inclusive Gender-Friendly Public Toilet was also awarded the 2022 APSAA Asia Pacific Sustainable Action Award of Bronze Award and the 2022 TSAA Taiwan Sustainable Action Award of Silver Award.

The Mayor Hou You-yi said that urban construction must have climate resilience, and urban governance must promote energy transition through international exchanges and listening to the voices of young people. New Taipei City Climate Change and Energy Countermeasures Executive Committee combines industry, academia, NGOs and the public to display different perspectives and ideas for achieving the goal of safety, resilience and sustainable net zero carbon.

According to the Department of Environmental Protection, New Taipei City Government Integrates department’s resources and has invested in more than NT$20 billion in 80 important carbon-reducing strategies every year. Besides promoting net zero carbon, New Taipei City has greatly enhanced the capacity for flood prevention and disaster mitigation in urban areas through the Water Permeability and Water Conservation Self-Government Ordinance, and established a real-time smart commanding platform for the automatic monitoring of the potential threat of landslides in each district.