Public Health Department
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Date : 2017-02-06        Source : New Taipei City Government
VII.Common complications of pregnancy and simple solutions What should pregnant woman do if she experiences cramps in her calves?
1.If you experience cramps in your calves, lie flat on a smooth surface and extend your legs fully with your heels resting on a wall. You can also seek help from another person by having him/her holding your knee with one hand and pushing your feet inwards toward your calves to stretch your calf muscles. Alternately, simply stand upright and straighten your legs with your heels touching the ground. If the cramp worsens, seek medical help.

2.Do not over exhaust yourself; increase intake of food that are rich in calcium contents such as milk, ribs, dried fish and so forth to increase intake of vitamins. When sleeping, keep your lower limbs warm and lie on your side.