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User Guide

Welcome to the New Taipei City Mayor’s Mailbox. In order to avoid the waste of government’s resources and to ensure the rights of both petitioner and the citizens who involve in the petition, please filled in your real name and contact information (telephone number, cell phone, e-mail) for permissible basis. If your personal information is false or incomplete information, then we will not process your petition. According to the Personal Data Protection Act, your personal information will be only used for contacting you.
(1) According to “Administrative Procedure Act:”
Article 168: 
Every citizen is entitled to present to competent authorities petitions with respect to proposals on administrative innovations and reforms, inquiries into administrative laws and regulations, reports on acts in breach of law or neglect of administrative duties or protection of the [people""s] rights and interest in administration. 

Article 173:
In any of the following circumstances, the petition may be left unattended to: 1. Where the petition gives no concrete substance or does not give true name or address; 2. Where the petition is a repeat or further repeat of the same matter which has been appropriately dealt with and clearly answered; or 3. Where the authority receiving the petition is not competent to deal with the subject matter of the petition and the petitioner is found to have filed similar petitions to different authorities regarding the same matter.
(2) If your case has to be investigated by officials or go jointly with someone to the spot where both sides need to sight and check out in order to be more familiar with the spot, we will send a preliminary reply to you. After investigating your case completely, we will reply you again. Please be patient and do not send your inquiry again.
(3) If you cannot receive confirming letter, it may be due to your entering wrong e-mail address. Please check your address and send your petition or inquiry again.
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Terms of Use:

1. For case processing efficiency, please file cases, queries and/or complaints based on actual and constructive facts. Irrelevant, emotional and profanity will be discarded without further notice. Reminder, please use your own email address when using the mailbox, or there may be legal consequences.
2. Each case should be processed within 10 working days; cases involving multiple departments will be processed within 14 working days. The department mainly responsible will be the contact window for each case.
3. Please feel free to leave any comments and suggestions for processed cases.

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