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Date : 2024-04-11        Source : New Taipei City Government
Soar with the Youth Bureau! Illustrators and Creators, Take Notice - let's head to South Korea to participate in the exhibition. Audition briefing launching now!
[New Taipei City News]The cultural and creative industries in Taiwan are thriving. Every weekend, various theme markets bloom like a hundred flowers, with people enthusiastically purchasing cultural and creative products. Many young people have also ventured into artistic and handcrafted businesses, embarking on a slashed career path through illustration and handicraft creation. To assist local creators in expanding into international markets, the Youth Department of the New Taipei City Government has launched the inaugural "New Taipei Youth Overseas Exhibition Project." It will lead eight groups of creators to participate in the "Handarty Korea" event in August and the "Busan Illustration Fair" in November in South Korea. The selection briefing for this project will be held on April 10 at the New Taipei Youth Station, and young residents of New Taipei City are welcome to apply.

The 2022 Annual Report on the Development of Taiwan's Cultural and Creative Industries indicates that in the post-pandemic era, Taiwan's visual arts and handicraft industries have experienced evident growth in export values and the number of operating businesses. Hence, Marcia Qiu, the Director of the New Taipei City Youth Department, stated that the department actively assists young people in entrepreneurship within the domains of technology, arts and culture, and social care. With New Taipei City's comprehensive technical and vocational education system and abundant artistic and handicraft creativity, the "New Taipei Youth Overseas Exhibition Project" has been initiated to support young creators in New Taipei City to expand their horizons and gain international exposure.

The Youth Department will lead eight outstanding creative teams to participate in the two most promising international exhibitions: "Handarty Korea" and the "Busan Illustration Fair". Comprehensive exhibition guidance, booth subsidies, translation services, and payment system support will be provided to help art and cultural entrepreneurs optimize their exhibits, presentations, and pricing, thereby opening up overseas buyer markets and international collaboration opportunities.

Marcia Qiu emphasized that "Handarty Korea" is one of the few cultural and creative exhibitions with an international focus, attracting numerous overseas exhibitors. In 2023, more than 50 overseas teams participated, showcasing a diverse range of exhibits, including handicrafts, crafts, design, and imagery. Meanwhile, the "Busan Illustration Fair" is the largest illustration exhibition in southern South Korea, annually inviting numerous galleries and illustrators to participate, providing a platform for creators and professional art agents to connect.

The "New Taipei Youth Overseas Exhibition Project" will hold a selection briefing on April 10 (Wednesday) at the New Taipei City Youth Station (No. 170, Minquan Rd., Banqiao District). Applications will be accepted from April 11 to April 22. The New Taipei City Youth Department will select four teams for each exhibition based on their respective characteristics, offering booth subsidies, on-site translation, document translation, and payment system support. Additionally, exhibition guidance will be provided to assist the selected teams in optimizing their exhibits and pricing to maximize their exhibition benefits. Detailed information about the project and application process will be explained during the selection briefing. Young teams in New Taipei City's cultural and creative industries are encouraged to participate actively and not miss this cultural and creative event!