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Date : 2023-09-19        Source : New Taipei City Government
2023 NTPC International Smart City Forum
New Taipei City has received the world’s first full certification from the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), which signifies extraordinary performance and achievements in the field of smart city development in New Taipei City. Due to the impact of a typhoon, the originally scheduled "2023 NTPC International Smart City Forum" on August 3rd has been rescheduled to September 22nd and will be held in an online conference format. The topic of forum this year is “City Operations Through AI, Co-create in global sustainability.” Many local and international representatives and experts from various fields are invited to the forum to share their experiences in utilizing AI for smart city governance and its impact on citizens' daily lives. Collectively, they aim to provide more valuable insights for global urban development.
John Henry, the Chairman of Durham Region; Mark Jamieson, the Mayor of the Sunshine Coast; Jane Fox, the Mayor of Dublin City, Ohio, will share practical Smart City projects and blueprints in their home countries. Derry McDonell, Deputy Director of Trade and Investment Canadian Trade Office in Taipei; Roland Rudorfer, Director of Austrian Office Taipei will talk about environmental sustainability, resource management, smart city management systems, and the visions of city development with the moderator Mavis Hsu, Partner of Deloitte and Touche.
During the keynote speech, John G. Jung, the Chairman and Co-founder of ICF; Karthi Madhavan, the Country Head of TCS Taiwan; Kai Hua, the Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Taiwan, will share the global deployment of AI Technology and how to utilize their own resources to guide the construction of smart cities. “Innovative Applications in Smart Cities” is brought by Dr. Wei F. Lee, Managing Director of Paul Hsu and Partners. He will talk about how to implement the techniques and systems of the supply chain of smart cities in Taiwan into the United States and built “Smartopia”.
This forum will also feature a one-year online exhibition, consisting of three main areas: the image of New Taipei City Smart City, the awards received by New Taipei City Smart City, and the AI applications in New Taipei City. The online exhibition will demonstrate various departments’ innovative technology applications, highlighting the diverse achievements in the development of a Smart City in New Taipei City.
New Taipei City upholds the principle of “With humanity as its core and technology as the foundation”. Through AI governance and security supervision, New Taipei City has been actively promoting smart innovation to provide a higher quality service experience for its citizens and remaining globally connected and aligned with international trends.
In June of next year, New Taipei City will collaborate with ICF to host the 2024 ICF Top7 Conference and Announcement. New Taipei City will continue to utilize digital technology and to engage in research activities in various aspects, including life, safety, education, industry, and environmental conservation, in order to realize the sustainable development of a smart city and demonstrate the city’s determination and actions to the world in developing New Taipei City into a smart city.
Admission to the 2023 NTPC International Smart City Forum is free. The New Taipei City Government sincerely invites you to participate the forum. For more information, please find the 2023 NTPC International Smart City Forum official website: