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Date : 2022-10-28        Source : New Taipei City Government
New Taipei City Government won the Top1 ICF 2022 Intelligent Communities of the Year
Shining in digital innovation around the world and building a model smart city

New Taipei City went to the Ohio Statehouse yesterday (27) to participate in the "Global Summit 2022" global summit and awards ceremony held by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), standing out from the seven smart cities in the final, surpassing Canada, Australia and other large international cities, and winning the first prize of the smart city around the world, allowing the flag of the Republic of China to leap onto the international stage. The mayor of Dublin, a former congressman from Ohio in the United States and other distinguished guests attended the ceremony. This was a great honor and affirmation for the citizens of New Taipei, government, industry and university, the city government team who worked hard to promote the smart city.

    Every year, ICF would list six smart city development indicators, Connect, Work, Innovation, Engagement, Inclusion, and Sustain to vote the best smart city of the year. The theme of ICF this year is "How Digital Innovation Drives Urban Growth". Through a four-day online inspection meeting to make a comprehensive evaluation of New Taipei City's smart city construction and related promotion. The Co-founder of ICF, Louis Zacharilla, who is also the inspector of New Taipei City this year, said that New Taipei City has a very comprehensive concept of building a smart city. In addition to the application of leading innovative technologies, he especially mentioned that New Taipei City promotes the development of smart cities through the cooperation of various bureaus which is impressive. He also praised New Taipei City's policy of simplifying administration and convenience for the people. The people-oriented way of thinking can make the smart city more practical in life.

    When accepting award, the Chief Secretary of Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of the New Taipei City Government – Tseng, Chao Hsiung had said: we really appreciate the recognition from the international community. Through the ICF top 1 Smart City Award, New Taipei City had showed the world our results of technical innovation which we cultivated for many years. In the future, New Taipei City will continue combine human nature with technology and use relevant innovative applications of smart city to help industry, government, and academia to solve difficulties and develop business opportunities. Finally we would implement it into the daily life of citizens, so as to achieve New Taipei City’s vision, “live and work in peace and contentment”.

    The key of New Taipei City been selected this time is that we positively respond to the global future development trend of smart and sustainable development, and we work together to build a digitally resilient smart city through the cooperation of various bureaus. For instance, New Taipei City's development base for promoting smart cities " Bao-Gao Science and Intellectual Park", taking high-tech and green energy sustainability as the main axis of construction and the core of development; furthermore, we adopt "Incubation", "Trial" and "Diffusion" policies, gradually realize New Taipei City's Smart City Development Blueprint. Spreading the trial results of smart city development to all parts of New Taipei City, comprehensively improve the convenience services and governance mechanisms of New Taipei City, and build a smart city with digital resilience.
    In recent years, New Taipei City has focused on the development of smart city and net zero sustainability, which is obvious to all countries around the world. The New Taipei City Government not only is recognized by many international awards, but it is also the first city in Taiwan to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Moreover, it is the first one in Taiwan to launch a 2050 net-zero carbon emissions roadmap. In the future, New Taipei City will continue to adhere to Mayor Hou's three directions of “simplified administration”, “action governance”, and “smart cities”, and jointly plan the future development of smart city, so that New Taipei City’s industrial energy and the determination of smart city development will be seen continuously in the world.