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Date : 2024-01-15        Source : New Taipei City Government
New Taipei City Government Youth Department Partners with NCDA Certified Career Counselors to Assist Youth in Unlocking Career Challenges
【New Taipei City News】New Taipei City, home to Taiwan's largest population, is addressing the challenges faced by its 280,000 youth aged 18 to 24, including 130,000 enrolled in local higher education institutions. In a groundbreaking initiative, New Taipei City Government Youth Department has partnered with the National Career Development Association (NCDA) in the United States. Ten NCDA-certified career counselors offered guidance to 100 college students, aiming to ease post-graduation concerns and provide clarity on career paths. Marcia Chiu, Commissioner of New Taipei City Government Youth Department, emphasized the commitment to continue offering one-on-one career counseling services at New Taipei City Youth Station in the upcoming year (2024). This initiative is designed to assist youth of New Taipei City in navigating their career journeys, particularly those entering the job market or seeking career transitions.
Ms. Liao Yu-Ching, the representative of the National Career Development Association (NCDA) in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, stated that NCDA is collaborating with local governments to provide professional career counseling by internationally certified counselors to college students in New Taipei City. Ms. Liao aims to apply years of academic research to frontline social services through this partnership. According to the counseling project's report, common career anxieties among college students include considerations such as whether to pursue further education, assessing if their chosen academic disciplines align with their career paths, and strategies to enhance the likelihood of entrepreneurial success.
Mr. Wu Ronglin, one of the project consultants, emphasized at the results presentation that for those considering further education, defining clear future goals is crucial. He recommended acquiring interdisciplinary skills and exploring self and workplace dynamics. While endorsing part-time programs for skill enhancement, he cautioned against pursuing graduate studies solely to defer entering the workforce.
Addressing the contemporary job market, Mr. Wu highlighted the growing demand for versatile skills, particularly in analyzing trends like integrating generative AI into professional domains. For aspiring entrepreneurs, he advised leveraging academic years to prepare entrepreneurial resources, emphasizing the trend of rapidly validating product concepts. The youth's ability to adapt quickly and absorb new knowledge positions them advantageously in entrepreneurship, given the relatively lower costs associated with potential failures.
Student Chuang, who received career counseling, expressed initial concerns about the limited prospects of the French Language and Literature program. Following guidance from the career counselor, Chuang decided to pursue relevant courses in public relations as a minor, aiming to cultivate diverse skills and become a versatile individual, known as a "slash youth." This strategic move is aimed at broadening the career spectrum. Currently engaged in the interdisciplinary credit program, Chuang, post-counseling, feels more confident about the future job search.
Commissioner Marcia Chiu, noted that the 18 to 24 age group often faces career confusion, exacerbated by rapidly changing industries leading to job-hunting anxiety. To aid youth in finding suitable employment more efficiently, New Taipei City Youth Station continues to offer "one-on-one professional career counseling services." This year, 330 individuals were assisted, and for the upcoming year (2024), 370 sessions will be provided. Interested individuals are encouraged to check the official website of New Taipei City Government Youth Department for updates.