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Date : 2024-02-21        Source : New Taipei City Government
The 2024 New Taipei Lantern Festival
"Dragon Rising in New Taipei, Blessings and Clouds Soaring" was lit up today (16th). From the afternoon onwards, the lantern area and cultural creative market in New Taipei Metropolitan Park were crowded with people. The first 3,000 lucky dragon lanterns were handed out in less than an hour. There were also many fans waiting in line for the singer Bii to perform. Mayor Hou You-Yi along with VIP guest initiate the main light of the 12-meter Dragon Palace Blue Dragon, along with Phoenix, Pegasus, Nine-Tailed Fox, Whale, and other mythical creatures, interpreting the legend of "Classic of Mountains and Seas" with sound and light changes, bringing auspicious and good luck to the citizens.
Mayor Hou You-Yi stated that this year marks the 6th year of the New Taipei Lantern Festival, which attracts over a million visitors annually. This year, a 12-meter Dragon Palace main light was specially created, combining special effects and light changes, this allows the audiences to immerse themselves in a visual feast of the "Classic of Mountains and Seas." In addition, international artists and indigenous artists were also invited to collaborate on curation. The festival not only features green energy generation, AR technology interactive light sets, and an international light area but also includes a gourmet market, circus parades, and children's theater groups, offering entertainment both day and night. The goal for this event is making everyone feel the New Year atmosphere and turning New Taipei Lantern Festival as the largest and most beloved destination in Taiwan.
The event kicked off with performances by the Sensational Drumming Art Troupe and Dance Troupe, followed by a powerful performance by idol singer Bii, captivating the audience with hit songs like "Be Your Light," "Come Back to Me," "Against the Light," and "Love More." The festival also includes a New Year's party with AI robots and a New Taipei Light Circus Parade featuring juggling, large balloons, and physical stunts, bringing continuous surprises.
The festival features nine dazzling and romantic themed lantern areas with exotic culture. Lin Yao-chang, Director of the Civil Affairs Bureau, mentioned that this year's festival includes nine themed lantern areas and five special activities. Beside from the 3 minutes main light show every half hour, there are also several feature such as AR virtual technology, art interactions, and surrounding light environments and corridors, creating a brilliant and romantic atmosphere that are perfect for photography.
This year's festival also features a solar art installation by Spanish artist Lourdes Salcedo Tavira, showcasing the fusion of artistic lighting installations with the idea of environmental sustainability aesthetics.
Other highlights include the New Taipei Dragon Greeting - New Taipei Mountains and Seas Imagery Lantern Area with colorful "Pingxi Sky Lanterns," the "Yehliu Queen's Head" depicting festive totems, and the "Sanjhih Beauty Legs" with timed light rhythm changes and a Q version of imagery. Visitors can explore the beauty of New Taipei through these displays.
The "Dinosaurs' Playful Interactive Fun" Jurassic Lantern Area features 15 favorite dinosaurs like Triceratops, Velociraptors, and Pterosaurs that can play beautiful music together with visitors. The "Bear Monkey Forest" area includes the "Cat Captain" and "Cat Family" at "Houtong Cat Village," as well as appearances by teddy bears. They have become a popular topic amongst the parents and child circle recently.
The "Lucky Dragon Blessing - Religious Prayer Lantern Area" is a collaboration with eight religious groups such as Sanxia Xianse Temple, Shulin Ji'an Temple, Linkou Zhulin Mountain Guanyin Temple, Sanxia Yitian Temple, New Taipei City Beiji Palace, Zhou Ke'an Dazong Temple, Banqiao Jieyun Temple, and Chinese Fushan Rock Charity Association. Visitors can seek blessings from various deities for good luck in the Year of the Dragon and even exchange for religious creative products blessed by gods through activities like "New Year Fortune Seeking." Additionally, visitors can also scan QR codes on their mobile phone at various lantern areas to play virtual games. People who completed the challenges will earn $10 food voucher each. 
With nearly a hundred market stalls and various exciting performances during the festival period, including international-level performance groups on holidays, puppet meetings, street artists, etc., there are plenty of entertainment options for visitors to enjoy.
The festival runs until March 3rd. The Sanchong Police Department reminds visitors to maintain order and safety during the event. During this period, please do not ride bicycles or set off fireworks. At the same time, please pay attention to the safety of elderly, children and personal belonging all the times. It is also recommended to use overpass or ramp at the MRT station for passengers to avoid crowding. Visitors are encouraged to use public transportation more frequently to save time looking for parking spaces and to maintain smooth traffic flow in the surrounding areas.