City News
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Date : 2018-04-18        Source : New Taipei City Government
Tung Blossom Festival Invitational Exhibition
The Tucheng Arts Museum will hold the exhibition “See the Tucheng─ Tung Blossom Festival Invitational exhibition” from now until May 6th. 40 artists will be invited to the theme of “See the Tucheng”. The works include ceramic art and color ink. A total of 40 paintings, seals, oil paintings, watercolors, calligraphy, flower arrangements, photography, and composite media were used to depict the beauty of the city of Tucheng.

The exhibition will be open from now until May 6. The opening hours will be from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed on Mondays and closed on Monday, April 26th). The venue is in Tucheng Arts Museum (Address: No. 24, Heping Road, Tucheng District), welcomes the public to come to see you through the artist's rich and diverse perspective and to revisit Tucheng's landscapes and culture.