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Date : 2023-07-18        Source : New Taipei City Government
The New Taipei City Government’s Operation Connects to the World through AI 2023 NTPC International Smart City Forum Official Debut
“With humanity as its core and technology as the foundation” is the New Taipei City Government’s core principle in governance. The City builds a smart city with multiple human-centric policies and is actively engaging in information exchanges and sharing with international community.

The New Taipei City Government is hosting "2023 NTPC International Smart City Forum " on August 3, 2023. The New Taipei City Government is the first city in Taiwan to announce the target of “Net-Zero Emissions by 2050”, which is in line with the trend of artificial intelligent and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The topic of Forum this year will be “City Operations Through AI, Co-Create Global Sustainability”. Many local and international representatives and experts from all areas are invited to the forum to share their experiences on smart city implementations and technology trends nowadays that are happening around the world. In the meantime, the forum will demonstrate relevant research findings to the participating cities. The New Taipei City Government encourages citizens to sign up through the event website with free admission to join the forum.

The forum is scheduled with two main sessions. During the morning session, John Henry, the Chairman of Durham Region; Mark Jamieson, the Mayor of the Sunshine Coast; Jane Fox, the Mayor of Dublin City, Ohio, will share practical Smart City projects and blueprints in their home countries. During the panel discussion, Mavis Hsu, Partner of Deloitte and Touche, will have a conversation with Ed Jager, Director of Trade and Investment Canadian Trade Office in Taipei; Patrick Hafenstein, representative of the Queensland Trade and Investment Commissioner - Taiwan Trade and Investment Queensland; Roland Rudorfer, Director of the Austrian Office Taipei, to discuss the examples of e-governance in smart cities and the sustainable developments of smart cities.

In the afternoon session, John G. Jung, the Chairman and Co-founder of ICF; Karthi Madhavan, the Country Head of TCS Taiwan; Danny Chen, the PS Lead of Microsoft Taiwan, will share the global deployment of AI Technology and how to utilize their own resources to guide the construction of smart cities. Furthermore, Wei F. Lee, Ph.D., Managing Director of Paul Hsu & Partners, will share innovative applications in smart cities. Finally, Greta Wen, the CEO of the Artificial Intelligence Foundation, will serve as the moderator and join the speakers in the panel. The panel focus on the initial steps and the challenges they faced when building an AI city, as well as the application of AI technology developed from Taiwan. The panel aims to provide valuable experience to audience through communication between the industry, academy, and research institution.

Since Mayor Hou, Yu-Ih, is nominated in the New Taipei City Government, he advocates smart governance by applying the three policies of “simplified administration”, “action governance”, and “smart cities”. In addition, the City also follows UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as one of its developing directions. The New Taipei City Government has actively engaged in international information and experience exchanges, which resulted in becoming the 10th city in the world to complete a Voluntary Local Review (VLR) and won the Top1 ICF 2022 Intelligent Communities of the Year. Furthermore, the New Taipei City Government will engage its first collaboration with ICF to host the 2024 ICF Top7 Conference and Announcement. The key vision for 2022 Forum this year is to break the traditional view on AI and aligns with the concept of " City Operations Through AI, Co-Create Global Sustainability". The City applies popular AI image generator tools for the first time to co-design the Forum layout and physical impression, which is to embraces the main vision concept of "Humanity at its core, technology as the foundation", portrays through realism and a technological backdrop, and visualizing the vision of a future smart city.