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Date : 2022-11-02        Source : New Taipei City Government
New Taipei City was recognized by ASOCIO in the Asian Cup of Information and Communication Industry
On 10/28(Fri), New Taipei City went to Singapore to participate in the 2022 ICT Award Ceremony held by ASOCIO. In terms of digital governance, New Taipei City was recognized by the ASOCIO ICT Award, which is known as the Asian Cup in the information and communications industry for its "Distant Digital Care Center." Winning the award of Digital Government Award shows that New Taipei City's development of innovative technology applications in smart cities is prestigious in the world.

ASOCIO is an ICT association representing 24 economies in the Asia-Pacific region. It holds different annual events every year, such as the Digital Summit and the Smart City Summit, to provide governments and enterprises with a platform for exchanging resources, building relationships, and business opportunities. In addition to promoting the digitization of industries and governments, and bridge the digital gap, ASOCIO holds the ICT Award Asia-Pacific ICT Application Award every year to select various digital technology solutions to certify the landing applications in various countries that meet the award categories and encourage the introduction of diverse innovative application technologies.

In the past three years, the most important issue and challenges faced by cities around the world are COVID-19. Since the outbreak of Omicron in Taiwan in 2022, many confirmed cases and quarantined people have faced considerable difficulties for medical personnel and city government teams in the New Taipei City epidemic prevention system. Therefore, to ensure sufficient medical volume and avoid the collapse of the medical system, New Taipei City pioneered the promotion of the "remote digital care center," which is equipped with information and communication technologies such as video care, so that people can conduct real-time intelligent monitoring of physiological data and remote video diagnosis and care at home.

Mr. Chen Fu Tien, the director of the Information Center of the New Taipei City Government Research, Development and Evaluation Commission on behalf of the government to receive the award and said that ASOCIO is the most representative organization in the information service industry in the Asia-Pacific region and he is thankful for the recognition given by ASOCIO ICT Award for New Taipei City to give a chance for the government to export successful experience and link the international market. The key to this victory is that New Taipei City combines digital technology and humanized services to protect the medical care system under the severe pandemic, allowing one medical staff or doctor to care for 200 patients with mild or no symptoms at the same time to greatly improve medical care capacity and provide the citizens with good medical services and life care.

As the most populous municipality in Taiwan, New Taipei City uses digital technology governance to consolidate the city's resilience in the face of severe epidemic challenges. The people-oriented strategy also reflects New Taipei City's determination to face challenges together with its citizens. In the future, New Taipei City will continue to respond to the global trend of smart and sustainable development, work together with other countries to promote the smart city and sustainable experience of New Taipei City internationally, and take care of all citizens smartly and innovatively, to realize the vision of living and working in content.