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Date : 2023-12-08        Source : New Taipei City Government
International Innovation Summit Brings Together Innovation Experts and Business Leaders New Taipei City Promotes Sustainable and Innovative Industrial Vision
As businesses are increasingly recognizing their responsibility to address climate change, resource scarcity, social equity, and ethical governance, sustainable innovation stands as the key driver for organizations seeking to thrive in today’s evolving landscape. Enterprise Asia held the “International Innovation Summit 2023” with the theme of “Sustainable Innovation for Future Enterprises,” bringing together innovation experts and business leaders from around the world to New Taipei City. Amy Ho, Commissioner of the Economic Development Department of the New Taipei City Government, also delivered a speech and encouraged enterprises to continue innovation and transformation.
    Amy Ho, the Commissioner of the Economic Development Department of the New Taipei City Government, said that the New Taipei City Government ardently upholds the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2019, New Taipei City proudly became the first in Taiwan and the tenth globally to publish a Voluntary Local Review (VLR). In addition, in order to provide a business environment for sustainable business operations, the strategic plans of the New Taipei City Government for industrial development encompass six major industry clusters, specializing in smart logistics hubs,  finance, digital technology, smart manufacturing, biotech, ICT, high-end medical materials, green energy, and electric vehicles. Innovative projects like the "New Taipei International AI Plus Intelligent Park" and the "BaoGao Science and Intellectual Park," have integrated the concept of sustainable innovation, created 88,000 jobs and attracted nearly NT$456 billion in investment, which contribute to overall development and job opportunities.
    In alignment with our sustainability policy, New Taipei City has taken the lead in Taiwan by establishing the "New Taipei City Net Zero Assessment and Decarbonization Center," benefiting over three hundred companies in developing carbon reduction strategies. We will make New Taipei City a sustainable low-carbon city by promoting energy renewable energy, energy storage, and energy conservation policies. In our commitment to innovation, we actively implement the "Digital Transformation Tetralogy" to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through consultations, talent development programs, financing assistance, and matchmaking for digital transformation solutions. Collaborating with eight northern counties and cities, we explore joint initiatives in industrial development and regional economic matters.
    The vice chairman of Enterprise Asia William Ng expressed that this organization has launched a series of international summits since 2017, which have been held in international cities such as Singapore and Bangkok. This year, the summit has been held in New Taipei City, a city full of innovation and vitality, which is in line with this year's theme of sustainable innovation. This summit serves as a global platform for experts and practitioners to share insights and strategies. The theme of this year’s summit is “Sustainable Innovation for Future Enterprises,” a theme proposed for us to reimagine the very fabric of innovation, intertwining it with the principles of sustainability that are not only vital to the global environment but also crucial to the sustainable operation of enterprises.
    To answer the call for such a sustainable future, the New Taipei City has been dedicated to achieving notable milestones in governance across residential, commercial, environmental, and industrial sectors and persisting in creating a living environment for our citizens with a sustainable mindset, starting from our city and aligning with the global sustainability alliance.