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Date : 2023-10-06        Source : New Taipei City Government
New Taipei City won the First Prize in "2023 WITSA Smart Cities Award" on behalf of Taiwan. The 5G Smart Poles are recognized and praised by global ICT industry, “the Oscars” in the ICT field.
On October 5th, the New Taipei City delegation is traveling to Kuching, Malaysia to participate the 2023 Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Awards Ceremony hosted by WITSA. New Taipei City Government’s project, “5G Smart Poles”, was selected through the preliminary rounds of reviews conducted by the Information Service Industry Association of R.O.C. and stood out from a total of 148 proposals from 32 countries. New Taipei City represents Taiwan and was honored with First Prize under "Smart Cities Award" category for its 5G Smart Pole development and implementation. Recognized by "WITSA Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Awards", which often referred as the Oscars of the international information and communication technology (ICT) industry, the achievement underscores New Taipei City's remarkable accomplishments in the development of smart cities and innovative technology applications, gaining international recognition and admiration.
"World Innovation, Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA)" is a non-governmental organization under the United Nations umbrella and is the largest global industry association for information and communication technology (ICT) services. WITSA organizes the "World Congress on IT (WCIT)," often referred to as the Olympics of the ICT industry. The awards presented at this prestigious event are known as the "Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Awards", which are also considered as the Oscars of the ICT field. WITSA selects various digital technology smart solutions and recognizes those serving as the real-world applications that meet the award categories and encouraging diverse and innovative technology implementations. This competition attracts fierce participations among public and private sectors each year around the world.
The director of the Information Management Center, Chen, Fu-Tian, expresses that receiving this award is a significant recognition of New Taipei City's smart city development efforts. The award was granted based on the theme of "Building Advanced Infrastructure in New Taipei Smart City-5G Smart Poles". The key to winning this award lies in the integration of AI and big data through the smart pole's collaborative applications. By utilizing the smart pole as a carrier to mount various IoT, communication, or specialized modules on the pole's body to perform specific tasks, New Taipei City has improved aspects of city planning, such as urban security, transportation, the environment, and the economy. This development has transformed the ordinary streetlights into intelligent infrastructure, providing a higher quality living environment for the city's residents. The New Taipei City focuses on developing smart infrastructure, smart government, smart governance, sustainable environment, and other distinctive features of a smart city has set it apart from numerous international competitors, earning it the "Smart Cities Award First Prize."
      As the most populous municipality in Taiwan, New Taipei City has been dedicated to developing a smart city with core philosophies of people-oriented and technology-based. In recent years, New Taipei City has been utilizing digital technology and smart innovations comprehensively with the aim of improving the quality of life for all residents and transform itself into a resilient, sustainable, and livable international city where people can enjoy a sense of prosperity and well-being. With the recognition of being the ICF Global Smart City Top1 award winner last year, New Taipei City has now achieved the distinction of being the world's first city to receive full smart city certification through ICF's assessment. Winning international award this year emphasizes the New Taipei City's continuous dedication in advancing smart and sustainable urban development.
In the future, New Taipei City will continue to enhance the well-being of its residents and promote economic growth. It will also remain committed to global trends in smart and sustainable development, actively working towards the vision of creating a prosperous and sustainable living environment for all of humanity.