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Date : 2024-06-03        Source : New Taipei City Government
Innosquare Makes Debut Overseas: Three Startups Showcase Their Strength at Asia Tech x Singapore 2024
New Taipei City's startups have achieved fruitful exchanges through overseas exhibitions! The first public accelerator in Taiwan, the "InnoSquare," has led a delegation overseas for the first time to participate in Asia's flagship tech event, "Asia Tech x Singapore 2024." They showcased their entrepreneurial themes and achievements to 1,000 exhibitors from 110 countries, 400 speakers, and over 22,000 participants. The three teams that went to Singapore focused on AI and the sports industry. Through this overseas exhibition, they aimed to learn about international industry trends, demonstrate their innovative capabilities, and explore overseas opportunities. New Taipei City Youth Department Commissioner Marcia Qiu stated that Taiwanese startups have always been proud of their high-quality tech talent on the international stage. By sending outstanding tech startups abroad for exchanges, the New Taipei City Youth Bureau hopes they will engage in international collaborations and create more business opportunities in the future.

InnoSquare startups selected to go to Singapore are: "Trainge," Taiwan's largest sports platform; "WeThinkAI," specializing in carbon tracking AI systems for the petrochemical industry; and "LegalTech," a Chinese legal AI assistant. During the exhibition, they actively interacted with companies and other startups. Karl, the CEO of Trainge, stated, "Through this exhibition in Singapore, Trainge hopes to further expand into the Southeast Asian market and provide excellent services and experiences for sports enthusiasts worldwide." Yoyo, the CEO of WeThinkAI, expressed, "We hope that during the Singapore exhibition, WeThinkAI can collaborate with overseas energy companies to jointly tackle the global challenge of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050." Steven, the CEO of LegalTech, mentioned, "LegalTech's legal contract lifecycle management and e-signature SaaS (Software as a Service) support multiple languages, making it particularly suitable for a multilingual business market like Singapore. At the exhibition, LegalTech will showcase our SaaS contract management and AI legal assistant services, hoping to find overseas partners."
2024 marks the first time that the InnoSquare has led a delegation to an overseas exhibition. To select the suitable teams for advancing to Singapore, the New Taipei Innovation Hub conducted a review process to assess the maturity of the teams' products and services, as well as test their foreign language communication skills. The opportunity to participate in "Asia Tech x Singapore 2024" is invaluable. New Taipei's startups can observe various entrepreneurial topics presented by different countries and interact with entrepreneurs from around the world, gaining valuable insights and inspiration. This interaction is expected to foster more collaborative opportunities and create international business prospects.
During this visit, the delegation also took the opportunity to meet with the Taipei Representative Office in Singapore and the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) in Singapore. These meetings provided a deeper understanding of Singapore's startup ecosystem and laid the groundwork for future cross-border collaborations.

【Asia Tech x Singapore 2024 Exhibition New Startup Team Information】
Trainge: Taiwan's largest sports platform, providing a one-stop service including venue, coach, payment flow, reservation, hardware equipment integration, and data analysis. It has achieved good results in Taiwan.
WeThinkAI: Specializing in AI analysis and optimization of processes in high carbon-emission  industries such as petrochemicals and energy. Through exclusive sensors, precise measurement and control are provided. The AI + sensor integration solution offers the most effective and direct decarbonization plan for high carbon-emission enterprises. Taiwan's first AI legal application, using technology to reform legal processes. It provides AI legal assistants for Chinese contract and legal document generation, contract lifecycle management, and electronic signature services.