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Date : 2024-03-27        Source : New Taipei City Government
Ambassador Donya Lynex Francis on behalf of Saint Christopher (Saint Kitts) and Nevis Donates Books to New Taipei City: Promoting Inclusive Reading, Illuminating the Light of Friendship
圖1 新北市長侯友宜感謝克國大使范東亞對新北市政府的支持。
 [New Taipei City News] From the friendly nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean region of Central America, to continue the International Youth Volunteer Cultivation Program initiated with the New Taipei City Government Youth Department last year, H.E. Ambassador Donya Lynex Francis, represented the Embassy of Saint Kitts and Nevis (hereinafter referred to as "SKN") donated 10 books to New Taipei City Government on March 27, 2024. Mayor of New Taipei City, Hou Yu-Ih, warmly welcomed and thanked SKN for its strong support for the international exchange activities of the New Taipei City Youth Department, promoting interaction between New Taipei City youth and foreign youth.
Mayor Hou Yu-Ih expressed gratitude to Ambassador Donya L. Francis for his support to New Taipei City Youth Department, not only serving as a lecturer at training camps, receiving visits from New Taipei Youth at the embassy, but also attending the project exhibition to provide valuable feedback to participating youth. This time, SKN generously donated 10 books to New Taipei City, in appreciation of SKN’s kindness, the city government also reciprocated by presenting picture books of New Taipei City, local tea gift box to the ambassadors, and SDGs travel cards to the performers from SKN, allowing friends from friendly nations to explore New Taipei City through picture books and understand its landscapes, ecology, culture, and history.

Ambassador Donya L. Francis emphasized his commitment to international cultural exchange and looked forward to deepening friendship and cultural exchange between the two places through this book donation. He specially invited youths from SKN, dressed in masquerade costumes, to vividly recite the poem "Mr. Masquerade Man" from the book "How About Poetry for Dessert?" at the ceremony, accompanied by traditional dances from SKN, embodying the sentiments of the book with Caribbean passion.
The New Taipei City Government has always dedicated to promoting reading through events such as the New Taipei City Reading Festival, providing Chill Book Box delivery services to campuses, and collaborating with reading promotion teachers to hold book fairs, etc., the SKN donated books, including children's picture books and works by local authors dedicated to cultural heritage, will be included in the collection of New Taipei City Libraries, providing citizens with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of SKN's history and culture.
The New Taipei City Youth Department stated that Ambassador Francis is very supportive of international exchange activities and is eager to share his cross-cultural experiences with students. This book donation ceremony not only enriches the reading horizons of the people but also plants the seeds of friendship and cultural integration in our hearts. Looking forward to the future, through more exchange activities, the friendship between SKN and New Taipei City Government will flourish and thrive.

【Introduction to Saint Christopher and Nevis】
Commonly known as SKN, located in Latin America and the Caribbean region, with its capital in Basseterre, the population is approximately over 54,000. Diplomatic relations with Taiwan have been established since its founding in 1983, totaling 41 years.
【Introduction of donated Books】
  1. Oma Lu's Visit: Grandmother Oma Lu takes her grandchildren to explore her magnificent homeland, with poems in the picture book describing their joyful experiences.
  2. My ABC Book About St. Kitts and Nevis: An alphabet book on the history of Saint Christopher and Nevis.
  3. The Masquerade Dance: Tells the story of a boy enchanted by the "thump-thump-thump" of masqueraders, dreaming of stepping onto the stage.
  4. The ABC Fun Reading and Coloring Book: Two-dimensional illustrations of each storyline can stimulate children's imagination, engaging them in dynamic scenes with characters.
  5. Cricket and Coconut Cake: A story about how delicious coconut cake saves a cricket match.
  6. How About Poetry for Dessert?: A poetry collection with Caribbean flavor, containing various interesting themes and exciting stories.
  7. Adventure at Brimstone Hill: Tells the fantastic adventure of three youths crossing the secret passages of Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park in Saint Kitts and Nevis and traversing through time and space.
  8. The Final Passage: A young family from the British West Indies immigrates to London, facing setbacks and new challenges.
  9. A Distant Shore: Tells the story of a retired teacher and a night watchman, both longing for love but hiding secrets that may make realizing this love impossible.
  10. Crossing River: The story begins with a year of poor harvests, forcing a desperate father to sell his three children into slavery.