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Date : 2019-03-05        Source : New Taipei City Government
Hou Yu-Ih and Lin Chia-lung survey the Zhongjiao Bay
Hou Yu-Ih and Lin Chia-lung survey the Zhongjiao Bay: The central and local governments collaborate to establish a surfing resort in Taiwan

【New Taipei City News】Following the joint site survey with Premier Su Tseng-chang in January, New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-Ih once again participated in a survey today (3) with Lin Chia-lung, the Minister of Transportation and Communications, in the surfing spot located in the Zhongjiao Beach, Jinshan District. Mayor Hou asserted that transforming the Zhongjiao Bay into a surfing resort has become a shared goal of the central and local governments, and that the New Taipei City government will collaborate with the central competent authority to the best of its ability. Nevertheless, problems still need to be resolved included the revocation of the site as a protective forest by the Forestry Bureau and changes in urban zoning, in addition to the two most crucial issues to be addressed, which are fund allocation for road construction and polices related to renting or procuring private land. The aforementioned problems entail active coordination by the central government.
Mayor Hou stated that the New Taipei City Government has already hosted five cross-bureau meetings as well as three coordination meetings with the central government. He also reasserted that the city government will actively resolve any problems that fall under their responsibility, including changes in urban planning projects overseen by the Urban and Rural Development Bureau. Following full fund allocation by the Sports Administration, the New Taipei City Government Sport Office will organize tender processes for renovating the Zhongjiao Elementary School into a surfer training school and constructing a surfing center in the Zhongjiao Bay. After the completion of hardware facilities, the city government will also arrange public tenders to hire professional management teams according to the Government Procurement Act.
Mayor Hou stated that in addition to revoking the declaration of the site as a windbreak forest by the Forestry Bureau, fund allocation for road construction is another major issue. Specifically, main roads connecting the site will pass through private land; hence, processes related to renting and procurement of private land will require the assistance of the central government. The road construction is expected to be completed by the end of this year in the hope of providing an excellent surfing spot for hobbyists in Taiwan.
After listening to a briefing today, Mayor Hou and Minister Lin visited the site to observe the landform of the Zhongjiao Bay, in addition to interacting with local shopkeepers and surfers to acquire their opinions. Mayor Hou and Minister Lin hope that the surfing resort can closely align with visitors’ needs.
Afterward, Mayor Hou invited Minister Lin to visit the Shuei Nan Dong and 13-Layer Remains. The Mayor maintained that the Shuei Nan Dong and Yinyang Sea provide outstanding scenery, but felt regretted that these attractions have yet to be properly developed. He proceeded to announce that the government has proposed to install projection mapping equipment in the 13-Layer Remains, providing the site with an alternative view. The proposal, entitled Lighting Shuei Nan Dong, will introduce Taiwan’s Northeast Coast as an excellent tourist attraction site to the global community.
Minister Lin expressed his approval for the proposal, and recommended Chou Lien, an expert who can create an international-level projection mapping show for the 13-Layer Remains. With the endeavor of related personnel, the Northeast Coast will become an outstanding tourist attraction site that provides foreign visitors with a unique experience regarding the beauty of the Shui-Jin-Jiu region.
Information provided by: Chien Hung-yi, Scenic Area Administration Division, New Taipei City Tourism and Travel Department; tel: 1999 or (02)2960-3456 ext. 4140