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Date : 2022-10-17        Source : New Taipei City Government
One Sport, one World: World Cup Taiwan 2022 connects Taiwan to global communities through youth power and universal language
The ninth edition of Taiwan World Cup kicked off with the parade of Honduras’ cadets entering the pitch at Fu Jen Catholic University on Saturday (Oct. 8), as Chien, Nien-Chun, the Commissioner of New Taipei City Government Youth Department (NTCYD), Ms. Shujung Chen, the Deputy Director-General of Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C. (MOFA Taiwan) and ambassadors of different countries gather together to celebrate this big event.
Co-hosted by Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association(TDDA),Taiwan Football Development Association(TFDA),and Fernando Ramos, the annual football festival aims not only to promote soccer among Taiwanese and foreign community through sportsmanship and cultural exchange, but also to build Taiwan’s ties with the global community through sports diplomacy.
This year’s event consisted of six women's teams and 12 men's teams made up of students and expats from 12 countries, bringing the football fans an unforgettable Double Tenth long holiday with 34 nonstop games along with the musical, gastronomic fiesta.
Echoing the theme of the tournament "One Sport, One world", New Taipei City Government Youth Department (NTCYD) shows great support to this year’s event. "We firmly believe that sports is one of the best ways to bring people together in harmony.”
Commissioner of NTCYD, Chien, Nien-Chun said.
“As we are facing the pressing challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, and stagnant economy, it is of great importance to transform sporting values into positive change that could makes the world a better place.” Commissioner of NTCYD, Chien, Nien-Chun added.
Football enthusiasts from 12 counties were enthralled by the captivating and breath-taking matches through a comprehensive online broadcast channel and broadcast on the national TV stations of different counties.