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Date : 2023-06-21        Source : New Taipei City Government
New Taipei City joined hands with ICF to sign a memorandum Co-Hosting the 2024 Top 7 Intelligent Communities of the Year announcement
The New Taipei City Government attended the "2023 Top7 Intelligent Communities of the Year Conference" in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada today (21) (Taiwan time). Mayor Hou Yu-Ih recorded a special video to share the sustainable smart city vision of New Taipei City with the participants. The delegation of New Taipei City and the international organization Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) held a memorandum (MOU) signing ceremony, officially announcing to become the next host city to co-organizing the 2024 event. At that time, smart city finalists from all over the world will gather in New Taipei City and enhance the global exposure of the city.

The New Taipei City Government was awarded the Top1 ICF 2022 Intelligent Communities of the Year and passed the ICF two-batch evaluation this year, becoming the world's first fully accredited smart city. The New Taipei City was invited to attend the Top 7 Intelligent Communities of the Year announcement. Mayor Hou Yu-Ih shared the ideal of the sustainable New Taipei smart city with the shortlisted cities in the video: "With a pair of hands, we can create so much. We can draw the blueprint of wisdom. We can plant the seeds of sustainability. We can open the doors to the world. I hope we can use our hands, to focus on every little thing in our lives. Making New Taipei City ''Beyond Smart Become First'', turn into a world-leading metropolis.”

The delegation was led by Chao-Hsiung Tseng, the Chief Secretary of Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of the New Taipei City government, as a representative to submit the memorandum and the speaker during the opening remark. Beside expressing gratitude towards ICF and Durham Region, as the representative of the Top 1 award-winning city last year, he also encouraged the finalists by sharing the experience and achievements of New Taipei City's people-oriented implementation of smart city in daily life.

ICF is one of the most recognized international organizations in the world to evaluate smart cities. It is very encouraging for New Taipei City to receive its affirmation for its commitment to drive the smart city project. The city hopes to continue this momentum. The New Taipei City and ICF representatives signed the memorandum and authorized New Taipei City to be the host city for next year's Top 7 Intelligent Communities of the Year announcement.

By hosting the annual announcement, the New Taipei City hopes to gather the countries that are developing the smart city and exchange their ideas and experience. From here, the New Taipei City wishes to leverage this opportunity as a starting point to promote the smart city with the concepts of people-oriented and technology-based to all the participants and become one of the driving impacts for the development of smart cities.

In the future, New Taipei City will uphold the spirit of common prosperity, and continue to drive the smart city planning and development. In addition to presenting more smart city achievements to the world, it also hopes to bond with other cities to jointly outline development blueprints for the construction of all people. We will work together for a prosperous and sustainable vision of a better life. New Taipei City looks forward to calling the smart cities from all over the world in 2024 to build a smart and livable world with resilience, sustainability, peace and contentment.