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Date : 2023-08-21        Source : New Taipei City Government
Visit of Japan's LDP Youth Division Delegation to New Taipei City: Mayor Hou Highlights Pragmatic Efforts for Taiwan-Japan Friendship Enhancement
 [New Taipei City News] On the 21st of this month, Suzuki Norikazu, the director of the Youth Division of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (LDP), led a study delegation to visit New Taipei City’s Emergency Operation Center (EOC).
The visiting delegation comprised Suzuki Norikazu, the director of the LDP Youth Division, 8 Japanese House of Representatives Members, as well as a total of 62 members, including local county councillors and student representatives.
New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-Ih warmly welcomed the delegation on behalf of the city government, expressing gratitude in his welcoming speech for the LDP Youth Division's proactive efforts in promoting friendly relations between Taiwanese and Japanese youth.
Mayor Hou also engaged in discussions under the theme of New Taipei City’s comprehensive disaster-oriented command and control system, Emergency Data Platform (EDP), aiming for deeper collaboration on youth public engagement and disaster prevention issues.
Mayor Hou Yu-Ih pointed out that in 2016, New Taipei City and Japan's Kanagawa Prefecture jointly signed a "Disaster Prevention Cooperation Agreement." In recent years, the New Taipei City Fire Department has maintained close communication with the Tokyo Fire Department, with exchanges and visits occurring regularly. Disaster prevention has become an important bond between New Taipei City and Japan, demonstrating the enduring friendly relationship between Taiwan and Japan.
Mayor Hou hopes that the New Taipei City Youth Department and the LDP Youth Division can further strengthen their interactions and expand cooperation and exchanges between Taiwanese and Japanese youth.
Mayor Hou mentioned that the director Suzuki Norikazu is particularly concerned about youth development issues. In February of this year, he participated in an online cross-sea "Taiwan-Japan Youth Development Exchange Forum" hosted by the New Taipei City Youth Department.
Symbolizing the unwavering friendship between Taiwan and Japan, Mayor Hou carefully selected the "Harvest Fish" metal wall decoration, created by a local youth team incubated at the New Taipei City Youth Entrepreneurship Space, as the exchange gift.
Director Suzuki agreed that Taiwan and Japan have a very close cooperation in disaster response. He also shared that they can find Tamsui Castella cake in Tokyo's gift shops, showing the deep friendship between Taiwan and Japan.
Both Director Suzuki and Mayor Hou believe that there should be more frequent exchanges between various cities in Taiwan and Japan to collectively address climate change, economic development, and social issues.
Marcia Chiu, the commissioner of the New Taipei City Youth Department (NTCYD) said "NTCYD serves as a bridge to guide young people towards a brighter future by promoting cross-domain communication, resource sharing, and mutually beneficial entrepreneurship."
To forge more opportunities for the young generation of New Taipei City, NTCYD will continue to enhance cross-domain cooperation within Keelung-Taipei-New Taipei-Taoyuan cities and is enthusiastic about facilitating more exchanges with Japan in the future.