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Date : 2023-08-19        Source : New Taipei City Government
FIBA World Cup 2023 prelude: 3 preparation matches ignite at Xinzhuang Gymnasium from August 19th
【New Taipei City News】The FIBA World Cup 2023 New Taipei Preparation Games kicked off today (August 19) at Xinzhuang Gymnasium. New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih, Secretary-General of the Lithuanian Basketball Association Mindaugas Balčiūnas, and President of Taiwan Sports Lottery x T1 League, Chien Wei-Chuan, jointly attended the opening match. They used sports to foster international friendship and brought world-class international matches to Taiwanese fans. Amidst the cheers of the crowd, Mayor Hou initiated the games with the first tip-off, officially commencing the 3-day preparation game schedule.

Mayor Hou Yu-ih mentioned during the opening that he appreciates the cooperation of the Lithuanian Basketball Association and T1 League in bringing this preparation game series to New Taipei City. It allows local fans to witness NBA stars at Xinzhuang Gymnasium and experience high-intensity matches at World Cup level without the hassle of traveling abroad. Mayor Hou especially emphasized that the last international tournament of NBA caliber was a decade ago, urging fans to cheer loudly for their favorite players and leaving a memorable impression of Taiwanese fans' enthusiasm on the European national teams.
Mayor Hou also noted that this World Cup preparation games taking place in New Taipei will not only stir another wave of basketball enthusiasm but also drive the value of surrounding sports activities. Through the collaboration between New Taipei City, the Lithuanian Basketball Association, and T1 League, he hopes to showcase Taiwan's ability to host international events. He expressed the wish for more opportunities of such collaborations in the future, building bridges of international friendship through sports.
The Secretary-General of the Lithuanian Basketball Association expressed his delight at using this opportunity to hold the preparation games in Taiwan to promote international basketball exchanges. He extended special thanks to Mayor Hou for facilitating this collaboration. In addition to preparing for the tournament, members of the Lithuanian national team engaged in charity work with T1 local stars, launching the "T1 Wish" initiative. They interacted with children through teaching, allowing kids to learn the determination of top players and spreading the seeds of hope, adding another brilliant aspect to their trip to Taiwan.

New Taipei City's basketball scene has been flourishing. In addition to supporting international tournaments, the city has implemented a comprehensive 4-level talent cultivation mechanism, from grassroots to professional sports. T1 League, P+ League, and SBL provide opportunities for student players to transition into professional leagues. The city also actively supports basketball professional development through teams like "New Taipei CTBC DEA" and "New Taipei Kings," and similarly supports professional teams in baseball, archery, softball, volleyball, and soccer.

This year's FIBA World Cup features 32 teams divided into 8 groups. The preparation games feature Lithuania from Group D, Puerto Rico from Group B, and Latvia from Group H. The matches will take place on August 19th, 20th, and 22nd at Xinzhuang Gymnasium, with afternoon games starting at 2 PM on weekends and evening games at 7 PM on weekdays. For detailed information and surrounding activities, fans are encouraged to follow the "New Taipei Sports Hub" and the Taiwan Sports Lottery x T1 League Facebook page.