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Date : 2023-06-28        Source : New Taipei City Government
NBA Stars Set to Shine in FIBA World Cup Warm-up Games at Xin Zhuang Gymnasium on August 19, 20 and 22
No rush to go abroad! NBA stars are in New Taipei City. The FIBA World Cup 2023 New Taipei City Warm-up Games will take place on August 19, 20, and 22 at the Xin Zhuang Gymnasium. This afternoon, Mayor Hou Yuih, Secretary-General of the Lithuanian Basketball Association Mindaugas Balčiūnas, and President of Taiwan Sports Lottery x T1 League Chien Wei-Chuan jointly announced the warm-up games’ stars, schedule, ticketing, and basketball exchange-related information. Fans are invited to seize this rare opportunity to witness the exquisite basketball skills of active NBA players from Lithuania, Latvia, and Puerto Rico.

Mayor Hou stated that New Taipei City will provide the best event environment for players and fans, and we look forward to welcoming Taiwan's most anticipated international basketball event this summer. Lithuania, Latvia, and Puerto Rico national teams are going to play in a 3-day series of warm-up games at the Xin Zhuang Gymnasium on August 19, 20, and 22. This is the first time that national teams of World Cup level are hosting warm-up games in Taiwan. It will also be a gathering of the most NBA active players in New Taipei City. Everyone is invited to experience the superb basketball skills of NBA stars up close without the need to travel abroad, as they can be witnessed right here in Taiwan.
Mayor Hou mentioned that this series of World Cup warm-up games in New Taipei will not only create another wave of basketball enthusiasm but also boost the surrounding sports industry. Through the cooperation between New Taipei City, the Lithuanian Basketball Association, and the T1 League, the world will see Taiwan's capabilities in hosting international events. We hope to have more opportunities for such collaborations in the future, making friends with the world through sports and building bridges of international friendship, allowing Taiwan's sports development to reach new heights.

The Secretary-General of the Lithuanian Basketball Association expressed delight in this opportunity to hold warm-up games in Taiwan, opening up international basketball exchanges. He specially thanked Mayor Hou for his support and invitation, which facilitated the collaboration for the warm-up games. The Secretary-General emphasized that the event brings together the top players from Lithuania, Latvia, and Puerto Rico, serving as a prelude to the World Cup series. New Taipei City provides an excellent professional sports environment, making it suitable for hosting warm-up games and allowing players to adjust to their best condition.
New Taipei City has implemented a four-level talent cultivation mechanism for basketball. In addition to the focus on grassroots sports development, in terms of the professional level, the T1 League, P+ League, and SBL provide opportunities for student players to transition into professional leagues. Through practical actions, New Taipei City supports the development of professional basketball with teams like the "New Taipei CTBC Bank Attackers" and the "New Taipei City Kings." Additionally, there are professional teams in baseball, archery, softball, volleyball, and soccer, offering broader development paths for athletes in New Taipei City.

The 2023 FIBA World Cup basketball tournament is jointly hosted by Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia, with 32 teams participating. Seven teams, along with the 2024 Olympic host country France, will secure tickets to the 2024 Olympics. The warm-up games on August 19, 20, and 22 at the Xin Zhuang Gymnasium will feature Lithuania, Latvia and Puerto Rico. The first game on August 19 will be Lithuania against Puerto Rico, followed by Puerto Rico against Latvia on August 20, and Latvia against Lithuania on August 22. There is a good chance to see NBA stars such as Domantas Sabonis (Lithuania) from the Sacramento Kings, Jonas Valančiūnas (Lithuania) from the New Orleans Pelicans, Jose Alvarado (Puerto Rico) from the Atlanta Hawks, Kristaps Porzingis (Latvia) from the Boston Celtics, and Davis Bertans (Latvia) from the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Xin Zhuang Gymnasium. For more detailed information about the warm-up games, please follow "New Taipei Sports Hub" and the Taiwan Sports Lottery x T1 League fan page.