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Date : 2022-07-28        Source : New Taipei City Government
New Taipei City International Smart City Forum Grand Debut
Smart International Exchange,Formulating the Future of Sustainable Cities

New Taipei City is hosting the 2022 International Smart City Forum at the Hilton Taipei Sinban Hotel on August 5th, 2022. The topic of the forum is “Smart City & Sustainable Development” and the forum has invited many local and international experts from all areas to share their experiences on international smart city implementation and their observations on smart city technology trends. In the meantime, the forum will demonstrate relevant research findings for participating cities to exchange ideas and industry perspectives in hopes to create a sustainable New Taipei Smart City for our future generation. New Taipei City welcomes interested citizens to sign up through the event website for free admission to join the forum filled with exciting seminars and events.    

The forum will be divided into two main sessions. In the morning session, the advanced Smart City leaders from major foreign cities will share their experience and insights on Smart City practices, including Sally Capp, the Lord Mayor of Melbourne; Mark Jamieson, the Mayor of the Sunshine Coast; Michael Whereat, the Smart Cities Coordinator for Sunshine Coast Council; Yudhistira Nugraha, D.Phil. and the Director of Jakarta Smart City. In the afternoon session, five industry experts will be presenting lectures sharing their professional experiences, including John Jung, the Chairman and Co-founder of the Intelligent Community Forum, who will be speaking on the topic, “From Smart Cities to Intelligent Communities”; Erdal Elver, the President and CEO of Siemens Taiwan, on “City 4.0: A Smarter City with Digitalized and Intelligent Connective Infrastructure”; Tony Hsieh, the Sales Director of Google Cloud Taiwan, talking about “Accelerate Sustainable Smart City with Google Cloud Dual-axis Transformation”; Isaac Hsu, the CEO of SysLink, talking about “IoT Solution for PropTech Innovation”.

Lastly, the forum has arranged an expert panel discussion, which is hosted by the Lead of Deloitte Smart City Service, Gary Yang. This will be an interactive session with the panel consisting of industry experts, researchers from the government, enterprises, and academia with the live audience through casual conversations and discussion of topics like Smart Technology and Digital Services.

New Taipei City has once again been awarded to be the global TOP 7 Smart City from ICF (International Community Forum) and became the leader in Smart City development. Therefore, the forum will be an opportunity to learn in-depth about Smart City implementation, experience sharing, and discussion. The forum will be conducted with a hybrid model consisting of both online and in-person events. Besides livestream with Webex, a year-long virtual exhibition will also become available. There are 17 exhibitors with outstanding performances in sustainable smart city practices demonstrating their innovative Smart Tech achievements, including the various bureaus from New Taipei City Government, Industrial Technology Research Institute, DELTA ELECTRONICS, INC., Deloitte & Touche, Chiun Mai Communication systems, Inc. for visiting guests to view.

To register for this Forum and following for more details, please visit the official website:

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