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Date : 2023-07-17        Source : New Taipei City Government
New Taipei Youth Cross-Cultural Exchange Training Camp Opens a New Chapter in Public Diplomacy and International Perspective
[New Taipei City News] The Youth Department of New Taipei City government, in collaboration with the Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association, organized the "Youth International Perspective and Cross-Cultural Exchange Training Camp" from July 15th to July 16th at the Youth Station. A total of 33 young participants attended the training, where they learned about public diplomacy and had hands-on experiences through three main themes: "Cross-Cultural Communication," "Exchange with International Students in Taiwan," and "Interviews with Foreign Organizations." This not only helps cultivate their international perspective and cross-cultural communication skills but, more importantly, plants the seeds for their active involvement in diplomatic affairs, incorporating the power of the public and ensuring a more diverse and extensive development of Taiwan's diplomacy in the future.
During this event, Ambassador Donya Lynex Francis from Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis was invited to share his experiences in diplomatic practices in Taiwan. Students from St. Kitts and Nevis, who are studying in Taiwan, also participated in class and interacted with the camp attendees. The Chairman of the Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association, Kuo Chia-Yo, stated that this training provided participants with improved skills in English letter writing and online meetings, enhancing their practical abilities to better connect with the international community. She also expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic response from the Embassy of Saint Christopher and Nevis, which increased opportunities for mutual exchanges.
Hu Xin-Ning, a third-year student from National Taipei University, who had previously participated in various talent development programs and service learning activities, mentioned that through this international perspective and cross-cultural exchange training, she gained knowledge in cross-cultural communication and public diplomacy practices. She also practiced conversational skills and learned about international trends through the ambassador's sharing and interviews with foreign students, allowing her to contemplate Taiwan's role in various fields. This training program opened up new understandings and imaginations about public diplomacy for the participants and strengthened their practical skills and capabilities.
Youth are essential resources in society and key drivers for urban development and international competitiveness. To make New Taipei City an international city, the Youth Department is committed to organizing various capacity-building courses and international exchange activities, with the aim of cultivating the international perspective of youth and creating a friendly environment for them to showcase their strengths and contribute to a brighter future.
Marcia Chiu, the director of the New Taipei City Youth Department, emphasized that becoming an international talent requires not only language proficiency but also knowledge and understanding of global and cross-cultural issues. This camp provided valuable learning opportunities for participating youth. They were inspired and guided by masters in various fields, learning from practical experiences and understanding how to leverage their strengths on the international stage. Such practical learning experiences will undoubtedly enable them to thrive in the future international environment with confidence.