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Date : 2022-09-21        Source : New Taipei City Government
Grand Opening of Hyatt Place Corporation International Brands Settled in Xinzhuang
The international brand, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, finally settled in Xinzhuang. Hyatt Hotels Corporation opened formally in September 17th. The whole project is a gorgeous building with 21 floors above the ground and 4 floors underground which provides 280 guest rooms and cultural with the space of exhibition. The total investment in this case exceeds NT$5 billion, and created 5,000 job opportunities. The grand opening ceremony was held in Xinzhuang today, such as Hou Youyi, Mayor of New Taipei City, and Xu Kuntai, Chairman of Honghui Group, were invited to the scene to celebrate the official external operation and hope booming business in the future.
The Mayor of New Taipei City, Hou Youyi, said that New Taipei City was built three axes with Banqiao-Xinban Special Zone, Xinzhuang Sub-center and Sanchong Second Administrative Center, and continues to promote regional development through the three aspects of "point, line and surface". Among them, Xinzhuang Vice Center is an important industrial development and settlement center in New Taipei. In addition to being adjacent to Taoyuan International Airport, it can also be connected to the national highway by express roads, and is surrounded by three major MRT lines including Xinzhuang Line, Airport Line, and circular Line. The surrounding transportation and network have developed. Hyatt Hotels Corporation provides comfortable rest space to the business travelers, and it is expected to attract more international business travelers to visit New Taipei City, and promote the exchange of international business activities, and effectively integrate international and business round trips.
The Mayor emphasized that it will overturn New Taipei City with the strategy of "point, line and surface". In the aspect of "point", the implementation of
urban renewal, reconstruction of the old in danger; "Line" track construction, it will aim to connect the Great Taipei MRT network. The 3rd circular and 6th Line will be completed in 2030. With an average density of 3.8 stations per 100,000 people, it will keep pace with the neighboring cities of Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea; "Space" is a development of large-scale land, focusing on the "inverting the international facade of New Taipei" in the sub-center of Xinzhuang. Through the promotion of "Taishan Yuanzaizhen Urban Plan" and "Knowledge Industry Park on the North Side of Xinzhuang", moreover, "Entertainment Center", "International Innovation Park", "AU MRT Mall" and other constructions will lead various industries to enter the Xinwutai area, and assist Xinzhuang Sub-center to play the role of regional industry navigator, and create new focus of international attention in the same time.
New Taipei City actively attracts investment and non-governmental funds to build an "international innovation park". The New Taipei City government provides land and sets the method of superficial rights. It attracted investment and operated by Honghui Siyuan Co., Ltd. This case includes a total of 1.6 hectares of parking and commercial area. The parking covers an area of 1.3 hectares. The "Xinzhuang Honghui i-Tower" commercial office building was built in 2021, with 39 floors above ground and skyscraper with 3 floors underground, It includes parking, shopping malls, gourmet dining, commercial services, industrial office space, etc., and successfully introduced high-end enterprises such as cloud and digital convergence to the park (such as LITE-ON Technology, SGS Taiwan Limited, MOXA INC., Muse Communication, etc.); commercial area covers 0.3 hectares, Honghui Group will work with Hyatt Place to build an international business hotel which with restaurants, meeting areas and cultural and creative exhibition spaces on the ground floor.
Xinzhuang Sub-center is adjacent to the New Taipei Industrial Park with the largest value of output and the largest population of employment in New Taipei City. There are more than 35,000 manufacturers in Xinwutai District, which has a complete industrial supply chain and advantageous industrial technologies. The development of the "International Innovation Park" has completed. It will provide core technologies related to cloud technology, Internet of Things, big data and digital convergence industries, assist in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and attract technological and professional talents. It will help the industry development of New Taipei in the next 10 years, and actively deploy core industries such as smart electric vehicles, digital technology, financial technology, biotechnology and medical care, and green energy industries to create high economic benefits.
The Economic Development supplementary Instructions that the Honghui Group has invested more than 9.6 billion in Xinzhuang Sub-center, including "Honghui Plaza", "Xinzhuang Honghui i-Tower" and "Xinzhuang Hyatt Place Hotel", with multi-target land and use method combines private funds and business creativity, provides sufficient parking space, then creates land benefits, and introduces industrial offices at the same time. What’s more, shopping malls and other facilities enrich the functional diversity and high the value of Xinzhuang Sub-center.