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Date : 2022-08-05        Source : New Taipei City Government
2022 NTPC International Smart City Forum People-oriented, Technology-based Sustainable Smart City
Smart City and Sustainability initiatives have become the worldwide focus. As the biggest city in Taiwan, aside from developing related city governance mechanism and convenient services for the public, New Taipei City also leads the country to the international community. New Taipei City Government held “2022 NTPC International Smart City Forum” today (August 5th, 2022). By sharing conversations with representatives from international smart cities and business networks to discuss the ways of building a future of Smart Sustainable Cities in post pandemic lifestyle, New Taipei City is leading cities to build a sustainable city with inclusivity, safety, and resilience.

Mayor of New Taipei City, Yu-Ih Hou, in the ceremony's opening remarks stated that New Taipei City is the rising star in Taiwan, the center of Greater Taipei, and the core of Northern Taiwan. All citizens and businesses are realizing their dreams through their roles and as the mayor, he will be guiding these dreams. Since 2020, New Taipei City has coordinated the “NTPC International Smart City Forum” for three consecutive years. The main goal is to let the global community understand New Taipei City’s vision of building a technology-driven and citizen-based smart city. Smart City is the one goal for all people, just as SDGs and Net-Zero 2050. New Taipei City, as a smart city, is working towards the global collective goal and communicating with the international community. The vision for smart city practices needs to be applied and implemented. New Taipei City is the epitome of the Taiwanese ecosystem and if New Taipei city can apply these practices, all cities and suburban areas in Taiwan can also conceptualize these goals. New Taipei City can also share its visions with the international community.
The forum has invited the mayor of Melbourne, Australia, Sally Capp, mayor of Sunshine Coast, Australia, Mark Jamieson, Director of Smart City in Indonesia, Jakarta, Yudhistira Nugraha, D.Phil., ICF Chairman and Co-Founder, John Jung, many international representatives in Taiwan, and smart city industry experts to have a discussion in smart city management and innovative services. This discussion will entail the vision for future smart cities and strategy implementations. Mark Jamieson has stated that, hosting “NTPC 2022 International Smart City Forum” will encourage communication for like-minded cities to look for better ways to improve the lives of the residents through technologies. Sunshine Coast City Council Smart City Coordinator, Michael Whereat, shared that after Sunshine Coast has implemented smart city practices since 2016, they have widely utilized technologies to make data-driven smart government decisions. Applications include the digital twin models in urban design and disaster response and the collaboration with universities to design the City’s Green Corridor to reduce urban heat island impacts to build a more sustainable and resilient city.

ICF Chairman and Co-Founder, John Jung, has explained during the forum that smart cities and smart communities advocacy can benefit citizens, society, and cultural development globally. New Taipei City has continuously worked to develop and implement practices to build a Sustainable Smart City. This year, New Taipei City has been nominated for the ICF TOP 7 Smart City of the World in 2022 due to the following factors including the integration of urban and suburban areas through optimized transportation and internet network, education for digital and information technology talents, and development of the digital industry and job opportunities. In the future, New Taipei City hopes to promote Sustainable Smart City by creating a benchmark for global cities. 

The forum has also invited many international representatives from Australia, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia to share their sustainable smart city strategies and applications. At the same time, all the cities are working towards Net-Zero 2050 with New Taipei City to achieve the collective Net-Zero goal. On the other side of city management, the utilization of technologies to provide more accessible services for residents is also an important factor for smart city development, for example, using IoT technology to manage traffic situations. All the implemented developments and applications have begun to conceptualize the principles for New Taipei City’s sustainable smart city vision to provide a safer and more accessible living environment.

In today’s international forum, New Taipei City has gathered experts from all fields to share their smart city management experiences and the direction for sustainable developments while exchanging cities’ experiences and industry perspectives in New Taipei City. Through the power of borderless technologies, New Taipei City will build a global smart city to continue to communicate and integrate smart city practices with other cities and become more competitive internationally. This will also lead New Taipei City to become a more inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable smart city. 

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