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Date : 2022-09-15        Source : New Taipei City Government
New Taipei City Taiwan Pavilion 2.0 wins over NTD$ 202m worth of contracts and business opportunities in IFA 2022 Berlin
The New Taipei City Government had set up “The New Taipei City Taiwan Pavilion 2.0“ and collaborated 12 leading companies in IFA 2022 Berlin, that successfully attracted international buyers for active consultation, including Tesla, Amazon, Skytech, Mobileadds, Freeeway, etc., and won contracts and business opportunities totaling over 202 million NTD.
New Taipei City Bureau of Economic Development Commissioner Amy Ho (何怡明) said IFA in Berlin successfully returns after 2 years of pandemic cancellations displaying latest technologies and innovations ,and attracting over 1,100 companies from 46 countries. It is obvious that there are huge business opportunities in the market of European consumer electronics and home appliance technology industries.
“We try our best to promote international investment and explore opportunities for international collaboration with European companies. By putting enormous efforts, New Taipei City is going to be the top County (City) Government in Taiwan”, Ms. He announced.
The New Taipei City Government is highly confident that businesses in New Taipei City are competitive and competent. Companies in New Taipei will get more opportunities to be seen by participating in worldwide trade fairs or events especially in post pandemic era.
New Taipei officials referred, "Austrian Technology Days New Taipei City" held on May 17th attracted more than 600 enterprise representatives in foreign and domestic markets joining live broadcast. "New Taipei City Taiwan Pavilion" opened on June 29th to July 1st at 5G/IoT Network Expo 2022 in Japan, that created 153 million NTD business opportunities. "New Taipei City International Trade Fair" was held on August 23-24, and accumulated business potentials worth over 180 million NTD. The success in IFA 2022 Berlin proved again that Companies in New Taipei have strong technical competence and gain international favor.
In response to increasing demand for industrial properties, "New Taipei Investment Attraction Conference" will be held on October 14th and will release more investment cases. For further information, please visit the New Taipei City Economic Development Bureau’s website (