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Date : 2023-10-04        Source : New Taipei City Government
New Taipei City Trade Show Explores Indonesia, Capitalizes on Digital Business Opportunities, and Strengthens Bilateral Cooperation Through MOUs
As part of their 10-day trade mission, the New Taipei City Trade Show arrived in Indonesia, marking the grand finale of their journey. Indonesia, the fourth most populous country globally, boasts a dynamic workforce and a substantial young population, making it a highly promising emerging market. New Taipei City government, which has been closely monitoring international industry trends, aims to collaborate with top New Taipei companies in sectors such as ICT, smart manufacturing, ESG, and machinery to actively establish a presence in Indonesia and expand into the ASEAN market.
Sheng Hsiao-Rung, Deputy Commissioner of the Economic Development Department of the New Taipei City Government, emphasized that Indonesia is a crucial trading partner for Taiwan. The Indonesian government plans to gradually relocate its capital in 2024 and is actively investing in smart cities and Industry 4.0-related industries. Moreover, Indonesia is committed to promoting large-scale infrastructure projects, providing ample cooperation opportunities for Taiwan and Indonesia, especially in the ICT sector, including 5G, AI, cloud services, smart transportation, and ESG, which hold significant business potential.
As part of this trade mission, the delegation visited two significant institutions: "Jakarta Smart City Lounge" and "PT V2 Indonesia". These on-site visits aimed to assist New Taipei companies in understanding the Indonesian market's demand in industries such as smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, smart governance, sustainable energy, and more. This information will enable them to devise effective strategies for establishing a foothold in Indonesia.
In addition to the planned visits, a trade fair was held on the 26th in Jakarta. During the opening ceremony of the trade fair, a significant moment occurred as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between "New Taipei Smart City Consortium (NTSCC)" and "ASOSIASI PENGUSAHA TIK NASIONAL (APTIKNAS)." This MOU aims to promote further exchanges between Indonesia and Taiwan in the smart cities sector.
APTIKNAS even added a touch of cultural exchange by inviting the delegation to perform with traditional Balinese instruments, the ANGKLUNG, playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", emphasizing the excellent synergy in Taiwan-Indonesia bilateral cooperation.
Utilizing its well-established international relationships, New Taipei City government aims to assist businesses in quickly understanding post-pandemic international market dynamics through on-site visits and precise business matchmaking. The government is eager to foster the business opportunities that have arisen during New Taipei City Trade Show in the ASEAN, with the anticipation that they will prosper and thrive in the future.