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Date : 2022-09-16        Source : New Taipei City Government
Silver Medals in German Beer Competition overweight investment of NT$1.3 billion to create new business opportunities for industrial transformation

New Taipei City has rich and diverse industrial energy that nurtures many well-known brewers such as SUNMAI and Taiwan Head Brewers. They are constant winners of international beer competitions around the world. They have recently won gold and silver medals respectively in the international beer competition “European Beer Star” (EBS, European Beer Star). At present, both the two companies want to increase investment and become tourism factories of New Taipei City. The Economic Development Bureau has continued to help the industry increase investment and create more employment opportunities by setting up the One-Stop Business Invitation Window and Program for Vertical Expansion of Industrial Parks.

Huang Bi-yu (黃碧玉), the deputy director of the Economic Development Bureau, said that New Taipei City boasts a diverse range of industries, and many industry players who have been long based in New Taipei City are shining internationally. For example, the Economic Development Bureau recently helped enterprises from New Taipei City to expand sales in overseas markets like Germany and Japan, matching potential orders of nearly NT$400 million and introducing the advantages of New Taipei City to the international market. To revitalize civilian economy, the “New Taipei Shopping Fun” plan was launched this year with an aim to encouraging citizens to go out and relax. At the same time, in order to create opportunities for local tourism, the Economic Development Bureau assists in transforming traditional factories into spaces of great tourist value. In addition to helping the industry to shape the brand image and enhance the industrial value, it also integrates resources from different bureaus to do joint marketing. Through leading these factories to grab the tourism market, the Economic Development Bureau connects with school career exploration and promotes industry-government-academic cooperation to allow enterprises to continue to devote themselves to New Taipei City.

According to the Economic Development Bureau, there are currently 22 tourism factories and industrial cultural centers in New Taipei City. In 2022, through the Industrial Tourism Guidance Transformation Program, two companies, “Taiwan Head Brewers” and “Fengde Fresh Food” were selected. Of them, thanks to the help of the One-Stop Business Invitation Window, “Taiwan Head Brewers” is expected to open its winery in mid-November in the hope that it can pass the evaluation of the tourism factory held by the Ministry of Economic Affairs before the end of the year. And New Taipei City’s local craft brewery SUNMAI also needs to increase its investment and expand the space of its factories. At present, besides the above-mentioned measures, the city government also actively assists in transforming traditional manufacturing breweries into tourism factories.

SUNMAI and Taiwan Head Brewers have just flied to Germany to participate in the “European Beer Star” competition. On Sep.14, the list of winners was announced. SUNMAI won the gold medal in the “Honey Beer” category, while Taiwan Head Brewers won the silver medal in the “Barrel-Aged Sour Beer” category with its “Imperial West Cherry Sour Ale”! This fact shows that New Taipei city is not only rich in industrial energy but also competitive in the international market.

Song Pei-hong (宋培弘), the founder of Taiwan Head Brewers, said that the main product of Taiwan Head Brewers is 24 solar terms beer, which has won awards at home and abroad for seven consecutive years. So far about NT$150 million has been invested in building the corporate headquarters and tourist wineries in Sanchong District (三重區), New Taipei City, which will be launched in mid-November. The construction of these spaces is characterized by its energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent monitoring of the entire production line. Besides, these spaces integrate all the functions of production, tourism, and education. It is New Taipei City government that provides these tourism factories with many helpful counseling resources. For instance, a team will be set up to assist in developing a map of theme planning, space display and business strategy, and launch comprehensive transformation counseling service. It is hoped that through the opening up of beer production lines and guided tours, the public can learn more about beer culture and brewing science.

Ye Rong-fa (葉榮發) , founder of  SUNMAI, said that SUNMAI has been based in New Taipei City for more than ten years, integrating local ingredients and Western brewing techniques, and successfully introducing Taiwan to the world. In order to promote the overall development of Taiwan’s craft beer industry, SUNMAI is currently planning to invest about NT$1.2 billion to re-design the brewery located in Sanchong District, provided with the help of New Taipei City’s One-Stop Business Invitation Window and Program for Vertical Expansion of Industrial Parks. SUNMAI will increase the space of the factory and set up an operation headquarter to develop a beer tourism factory that integrates the services of brewing catering, and tourism.

To promote the brands of craft beer in New Taipei City, the Economic Development Bureau will actively assist in transforming tourism factories and will allocate adequate resources from the city government to enhance brand value and sales opportunity. In addition, New Taipei City has launched the Program for Vertical Expansion of Industrial Parks, which can help the factories obtain up to 50% of the volume reward and allow enterprises to have more floor space. Doing so will enhance their willingness to invest, seek the renewal of factories and equipment, and support the industry’s investment in research and development. Industrial safety and environmental protection should also be improved to provide a solid basis for the prosperous development of industries in New Taipei City.