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Date : 2023-10-19        Source : New Taipei City Government
New Taipei City Government is honored to receive the 2023 IDC Future Enterprise Awards, Being Recognized in Both the Categories of "Special Award for Smart Cities" and "Best in Future of Trust"
The New Taipei City Government is dedicated to promoting the development of a smart city. At the "2023 IDC Future Enterprise Awards" held in Taipei today(19th), the city was awarded the " Special Award for Smart Cities – Best in Connected City" for the " 5G Smart Pole Project" and the "Best in Future of Trust" for its "Comprehensive Cybersecurity Defense System." These two prestigious awards were obtained among over a hundred submissions from across Taiwan, and they represent Taiwan's competition for the Asia-Pacific region grand prize.
The "Future Enterprise Awards," organized by the globally renowned technology consulting firm "International Data Corporation (IDC)," is an esteemed international awards event. Since 2017, it has been consistently recognizing outstanding enterprises or organizations in the field of digital transformation in the Asia-Pacific region. The awards process consists of two stages, where winners are selected for individual countries and the Asia-Pacific region as a whole. Each nominated project undergoes evaluation by a professional judging panel within the IDC's standard assessment framework. The victors from all countries are eligible to advance to the next stage of the Asia-Pacific regional evaluation.
Mr. Chen Fu Tien, the Director of the Information Management Center pointed out that the key to winning the award for the "5G Smart Pole Project" lies in the integrated application through smart poles. Using the smart poles as carriers, related Internet of Things (IoT), communication, or special needs modules are jointly mounted on the pole to perform various tasks. These modules are collectively mounted on the pole to execute specific tasks aimed at improving city safety, traffic, the environment, and the economy. The " Comprehensive Cybersecurity Defense System" is a pioneering initiative in Taiwan coordinated by the Information Management Center to manage cybersecurity operations across the entire New Taipei City government. The cybersecurity cooperative defense development strategy is highly comprehensive, ensuring consistent standards in all aspects of cybersecurity management and technology across different government agencies. Additionally, it introduces innovative proactive monitoring and defense mechanisms to enhance the city's cybersecurity defense capabilities and strengthen the resilience and security of the basic communication networks. These efforts have been recognized with the "Best Interconnected City Award" in the " Special Award for Smart Cities – Best in Connected City " and the "Best in Future of Trus," acknowledging New Taipei City's achievements in various aspects of smart infrastructure, smart government, and smart security.
As the most populous direct-controlled municipality in Taiwan, New Taipei City has been dedicated to the development of smart cities in recent years. The city has received international awards, including winning the ICF Smart City of the Year (TOP 1) award in 2022.  Early this year, the city passed ICF Full Certification to become the world's first fully accredited smart city. Recently, the city was awarded the First Prize in "2023 WITSA Smart Cities Award." Receiving this international award once again symbolizes New Taipei's achievements and growth in promoting smart and sustainable cities.
In the future, New Taipei City will continue to enhance the well-being of its residents and promote industrial development. The city will also remain responsive to global trends in smart and sustainable development, aspiring to be a resilient, sustainable, and livable international city.